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       Your Privacy matters!   















                        Welcome to the

         Association for Consumer Effectiveness!

       An association of consumer advocates dedicated to ensuring consumers                 possess the tools and information that will allow them to best control                           and protect their  personally identifiable information!  

Home of the National Do Not              Track Me List!

What we do,

     who we help,

                and how!

We are a certified not for profit company dedicated to the idea that consumers have a right to digital privacy, and a right to control their own personally identifiable information. To that end we offer both consumers and participant companies in the data-broker and information industry services to aid all American's realize a much safer and more effective future in regards to information privacy.

For Consumers:

* We offer the national do not track me club , which is a legal registry which allows consumers to add their name and information to a national list which then in turn notifies all known data-brokers companies that the name and individual added to the list must legally be added to the list of individuals who have chosen to "opt-out" from having their personally indentifiable information collected, monitored, tracked, or utilized by those data-broker and information handling companies.

* We inform consumers as to the name, existence, and operations of all known data-brokering companies. We furthermore study and rate the practices of those data handling companies, and give each company a standardized rating which we use to inform consumers as to the level of risk to their personal information posed by each data-brokering company. 

* We are thought leaders, researchers, and advocates which study and advocate for best practices and intelligent legislation which can and will aid all parties concerned in experiencing a much safer, equitable, and effective future regarding the digital privacy of consumers.

For data-brokers and other information collecting and handling businesses:

* We provide the national "do not track or monitor list" database, which contains the names and information of those consumers which have legally chosen to "opt-out" of allowing companies to collect or use their personally identifiable information. 

* We offer consulting services utilizing our proprietary diagnostic testing and grading scale, which is a thorough 100 point analysis of the current data-handling and collecting practices of companies. The analysis and testing if utilized and adopted by the test taking company will make that company both legally compliant with all privacy laws and ethically defensible. 

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DATA BROKERS: (NOUN); Any commercial or private company that has the primary focus and purpose of collecting the data and information generated by individuals as they interact with society and technology, and selling that data and information generated by others for a profit. 
CONSUMER: (NOUN); Any private or corporate individual that does participate in the economy of the United States OF AMERICA, BY PURCHASING GOODS AND SERVICES BY EXCHANGING LEGAL TENDER FOR THOSE GOODS AND SERVICES. 
FAIR: (Adjective); An idea and feeling that no one shall profit or gain at your expense or by way of your suffering or  inconvenience, lost or stolen opportunity, and that no individual or group should be given undeserved privilege, knowledge, power, or other advantage of useful means over another undeservedly earned!  

Consumer Effectiveness: (Noun) A state of empowerment experienced by an educated and informed consumer who 
is aware of the fact companies regularly collect and utilize consumer personally identifiable information, and through that empowered awareness become able to deploy and enact appropriate defensive measures to protect their own personally identifiable information.  

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