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  Welcome to the Accreditation Board of Commercial Data Collectors and Consumer Report Publishers. We are a regulatory and accreditation agency for Commercial Data Collectors and Consumer Report Publishing companies that intend to operate or do business inside the State of California and beyond. This Board has been established for the purpose of ensuring a standardized, uniform, and industry wide set of best practices and safety measures with in the Commercial Data Collection and Consumer Report Publication industry.


         Accreditation is necessary to protect American Consumers from the potential harm to their quality of life, reputation, and opportunities for social and economic upward mobility, which can occur when Commercial Data Collection and Consumer Report Publication Companies are negligent or ignorant of industry best practices for safe reporting and data collection.


       Therefore, this board shall establish minimum qualifications to establish competency, and test to ensure those individuals and persons operating in the Commercial Data Collection and Consumer Report Publication industry do meet the bare minimum qualifications and possess the required knowledge to safely operate as a Commercial Data Collection and Consumer Report Publication company inside the United States of America.


      Parties subject to this accreditation requirement are any company whose primary or major function is the collection, storage, accumulation, aggregation, and combining of third party consumer information, which is then reported or published to any company or persons for a profit. Any company who buys and sells personal information which is generated and captured through the monitoring of third party consumer individuals behaviors, shopping, reading, travel, communication, or computer and cellphone usage habits.


Nothing in this section is meant to convey or allude to any governmental authority or power by the Association for Consumer Effectiveness, which is a not for profit private organization. 



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