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Wondershare SafeEraser the Privacy Wonder Scores A.C.E. Grade A+!

As a part of our ongoing research and advocacy for consumer’s privacy and education about privacy issues, thus making them more efficient consumers, we're glad to open the floor and forum of this blog by educating the public about a company and website Wondershare located at ( Wondershare offers software "free trial" and "permanent purchase" which helps protect consumers and their data, and does so by utilizing US Military style data erasing techniques to thoroughly protect your phone, computer, or other data storing and generating device.

In Wondershares own words "You may have noticed that a file takes more time to download than to delete. This is because deleting a file only removes the door to the data and labels it ‘ready to be overwritten’. The truth is that the information still remains on the device’s memory and can be recovered with available technology. SafeEraser ensures that your information is safe by permanently erasing deleted files, clearing browsing history, caches and protecting your personal information. SafeEraser protects your data and makes your phone more efficient." They accomplish this as Wondershare puts it "your phone stores a lot of content from browsing the web, sending text messages, using apps and more. SafeEraser makes sure that the data you don’t want public stays private. It does this using the US Military method of destroying data. With confidential military data being rendered unrecoverable, your personal information is well safe within the protection of SafeEraser and will ensure that your private data stays that way."

Wondershare scores an A+ for its software that allows for permanent and real untraceable data deletion. A.C.E. recommends this software to all our members, readers, and American Consumers as this software aids in the quest and ownership of data statement trumpeted by A.C.E., which is that "It belongs to you!" Only you decide what happens to your personal information! By giving consumers the ability to erase their own data at will, Wondershare is an essential tool in the data-privacy toolbox of every privacy concerned consumer! We therefore proudly give Wondershare "SafeEraser" an A.C.E. A+!

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