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Having Fun With Data Broker Crooks!

Fun with the Big Data Crooks!

He’s a non-profit director, he’s a smut peddler, he’s fighting for the people, he was to pimp women, he’s a bird, he’s a plane, and he’s the one catching the Big Data Broker Crooks with their hands in the cookie jar! First, allow me to state that the Association for Consumer Effectiveness ( is most definitely real, in need of donations, and out to defend the rights of consumers. If that means that the Director of the Association Joel Drotts is going to be more monitored and screwed with by those pulling the big data strings, then why not take those crooks on a while goose chase ride through-out the internet, and kick up dust in areas he has no intention of operating in. Allow me to explain.

Joel knew when he agreed to be Director of the Association for Consumer Effectiveness and his team built the “Proof of Concept” website located at, and then started the beginnings of the mission of the Association that he ran the risk of getting in the cross-hairs of those in the Data Broker Industry whom do not want an organization like A.C.E. to exist to call them on their crap. However, having non-profit and years of entrepreneurial experience Joel knew that it would be close to impossible to try to get any real donors, when it came time to seek donors for serious funding the Association, unless the Association had something concrete and real to point to and show donors as to how exactly their money would be spent that the Association ran the risk of being dead on arrival. Therefore, never being one to shrink from a challenge or fold under applied pressure, Joel and the team went ahead with the project.

Just as Joel and his team had predicted, their researching into even the first ten to twelve Data Broker Companies caused those Data Brokers to scrutinize and begin trying to calibrate their behavioral and judgmental algorithms and monitoring software programs to Joel Drotts or at least who they believe Joel to be. By checking the web-searches of friends and comparing those to Joel, as well as Joel’s own abilities to recognize differences in the patterns of the content he was shown on-line he realized what was happening. Knowing he was being scrutinized but having a budget of zero dollars to combat the perceived threat, the team decided to take the Data Broker’s for a little ride throughout the internet. Therefore, the team began to set up websites in Joel’s name, which suggested he was interested in creating a website like the infamous that was busted by the FBI and IRS for tax evasion.

The reaction of the Data Brokers and the changes in the sorts of content Joel began to receive, confirmed almost immediately that Joel had been marked, categorized, and judged to be a smut peddler or adult website owner. However, the websites that were begun had never even left the “sandbox” and construction areas of the on-line website building programs the team used. However, knowing privacy sharks like Websitepart at ( and their often unfair and untrue evaluations of websites, website owners, and operators, as well as the ranking systems used by other Data Brokers the team decided if they can’t take their money just yet they’d take their time. This article is our “Fuck You,” to those Data Brokers to let you know you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar!

While some try to say purposely tripping up and throwing off the algorithms and programs of these companies is wrong. To which we reply, “Fuck you! You spy on people, you run the risk that that subject will become aware of your actions and take counter-measures to fuck up your systems!” Don’t like it, then don’t spy on us! What the Data Brokers have also inadvertently proven, is the absolute undeniable need for the Association for Consumer Effectiveness to become fully funded and operational ASAP! This experiment also proves that self-regulation is a no go, and a consumer side, consumer advocate and educator entity, made up of consumers (Not industry insiders.), and is needed to be that watchdog or in this case decoy pigeon that can take on, monitor, and hold accountable the Data Brokers and the billion dollar Data Broker Industry!

You are being watched, tracked, studied, repackaged, and sold off to the highest bidder. Well, not YOU, but your information which is gathered on-line, off-line, when you use your cell phone, apply for a retail rewards or saving card (At a supermarket or drugstore), any time you make a transaction or buy anything by any means other than cash, open a bank account, watch cable TV, join a gym, and even more. So much more in fact that exactly how, from where, and what sorts of information are extracted from the conglomerated and now algorithmic sum total of your daily life, are jealously guarded, patented, and protected trade secrets that the billionaire Data Brokers don't easily or readily want to share and give up!

We are seeking the funds to hire more full time staff and researchers, and keep up the fight against the crooks that are literally steeling American's copyrights, information, and then licensing data containing the names and likenesses of consumers, as if these multi-billion dollar global industry full of criminals whom act as if they somehow have a God given right to the data and information generated and belonging to consumers. Without paying royalties or licensing fees to the true owners of consumer data, i.e. the consumers, these pirates of the Big Data Economy have earned billions of dollars. What do these greedy digital crooks do with those billions? They spend vast amounts of it of course on lobbyists, and purchasing the votes of the most corrupt legislatures, whom in exchange for large campaign donations, are more than willing to sell-out the American consumer, their right to privacy, their copyrights, and the right of consumers to defend themselves in a Court of law.

Moreover, despite the fact that there are hundreds if not thousands of these Data Brokers, spreading through-out almost every industry and profession, these Data Brokers have been able to seemingly pull a play from the playbook of Satan himself, in that thus far they have very successfully convinced the world’s population that they do not in fact exist! If this is the first time you've ever heard of this issue and A.C.E., then you are experiencing the hoodwinking this industry has been able to pull off first hand! To that end if this is the first time you've heard of these issues then I urge you to go to the A.C.E. website at and donate immediately, as you now know firsthand exactly what sort of battle the Association is trying to fight on YOUR behalf. We need the donations to help bring our fellow consumer citizens into the light, and from out of the shadowy dark corners of ignorance about this issue that the rich and powerful data broker industry crooks are hoping and planning to enslave the nation with. They want to keep America ignorant until they can buy off enough corrupt legislatures, whom readily forget whom they are elected by and whose interests they are duty bound to represent, and change the laws in favor of these crooks once and for all who have been making billions of dollars annually by literally stealing and selling the rights, privacy, and dignity of the American people.

Don't let these crooks get rich by stealing what is legally and literally yours! Remember it's your information, and only you can say what is done with it! Please donate today, and check out the free website to get educated as to this serious and relevant issue today! Thank you.

Joel Drotts Director of the Association for Consumer Effectiveness

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