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Corporate Insults, the New Reality of Personal and Targeted!

Corporate Insults, the New Reality of Personal and Targeted!

So, there I was jamming to my favorite YouTube playlist of older dance songs from the 1990’s-2000’s and “Happy songs,” putting the finishing touches on the Articles of Incorporation for the Association for Consumer Effectiveness, when out of nowhere an ad for a rehabilitation center got played over the speakers. Then another song, and another song and then an advertisement for credit counseling. “Hhhhmmmmm…. I thought to myself???? I wonder…?” Oh yeah, upon closer inspection I had inadvertently left on the “Google Personalization,” and personal tracking number on my system.

“Ouch!!! Thanks a lot Google. And here I was feeling kind of decent about myself today, but thanks for the kick in the nuts guys!” I was actually rather offended at the accusation being made by these companies! If you’re confused about what I am talking about, then please let me explain before you believe I believe there are little men inside my computer insulting me. The reality of the situation is this, while there are not little men inside my computer, there most definitely are billion dollar corporations that have tracked me, built a file on me, and from this highly personal and personalized file of information certain deductions and certain “attributes believed present in user” are then created about myself. From those algorithm deduction models, based on more information about myself then I have forgot in this lifetime, these algorithms and machines decided that I would most likely respond to advertisements for “drug rehabilitation” and “credit counselling.” And yes, it now works exactly like that! Why do you think we started the Association for Consumer Effectiveness?

See, while it is easy to laugh off the fact that Google and a couple other Data Brokers clearly think I am a drug addict with piss poor credit (Between us they got at least one right, but I’ll let the reader guess as to exactly which one. Lol.), and therefore targeted me with advertisements for drug and credit counseling; it’s not so funny when utilized for job, credit, or housing obtainment purposes. At the same time, what a bunch of jerks those Data Brokers are! Then I thought to myself, I wonder what kind of advertisements other people get shown? For example, do over-weight people often get shown gym membership and weight loss supplement commercials and banners on their travels through-out the web? If so, these companies are not being very subtle in telling us exactly what they think of us consumers, and what we ought to do

with ourselves!

So this is what targeted and personalized has gotten us! It’s funny, but I doubt the Data Brokers and advertisement companies ever thought that American consumers would stop and think to themselves, “Just what do these companies say and think about me?” Well, now we are able to tell, thanks to the precision algorithms these companies keep bragging about that are bringing us an ever more “relevant and personal experience.” Maybe just a little too relevant and personal for some of the more sensitive amongst the population, as now we can all be assured any advertisement we are shown on-line has been personally and purposely chosen exactly to appeal to you personally. How does that make you feel America? You can tell what they think of you by what advertisements you get shown. So then, what do your ads say about what they think about you?

For more information about this topic, and how you can protect yourself from these advertisements and even better, prevent the gathering of information by Data Brokers whereby they can even begin to target you personally for advertisements go to We are the Association for Consumer Effectiveness, we are you, we believe that your data belongs to you, and only you should get to decide what happens to it! See you there America!


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