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Unauthoritive Authority: The Legal Myth of the Executive Order!

All hail our new sovereign his Royal Heinous Emperor Obama. When in the presence of the King, proper royal protocol is to bow at the knees, while tucking ones head under to show your subservience and lessor lot in life than that of your King. When handed an edict from your new sovereign it shall be called an “Executive Order,” but never mind that. The population of America seems quite content in accepting the new laws and ordinances dictated to them by your new sovereign; his majesty Obama. This is despite the Royal Executive Orders having been created by a single sovereign ruler, and having a force of law greater than that old relic of worthless scrap paper called the United States Constitution that so many a sucker and sheepish American’s once gave their lives and blood to protect. Yes, it has become painfully clear that America did suffer from want of a King, just as the English had predicted about the new dictatorship of King Obama’s America over 200 years ago.

America’s lusting after being ruled by a single sovereign ruler is blatantly apparent as puppet legislature, Kangaroo Courts, and the population at large all are perfectly happy with obeying and accepting the edicts and laws dictated to them by their new King. How happy Americans must be now to be relieved finally of such arduous tasks like voting, staying informed, engaging with their “elected representatives” and telling those “elected officials” how they expect them to vote their interests in a government and country no longer owned by the people!

Now, the people are free to spend their time watching reality TV, Survivor, and await the Fall and Winter TV shows lined up by the networks designed to lull those American’s whom may occasionally ask themselves or their fellow American citizens if they realized that the country was now ruled by a King via Executive Order quickly back into a state of politically brain-dead sleep. No worries for the American citizens any more, when it comes to any of the tough questions or issues that may tend to affect the country as a whole now. America can now rest assured knowing that any truly tough or hard decisions shall be made for them by their new King, who now has the power to quickly and efficiently conger up whatever laws he sees fit to enact and enforce his policies, and of course the power and ability to spy on and monitor at will any American unlucky enough to wake from their idiot box coma to the new nightmarish reality that America now has a sovereign King.

No one is quite sure how it happened, or where the awesome power of the Executive Order is derived from. Nowhere in that tattered piece of worthless scrap paper called the United States Constitution is there even a single mention, provision, or enunciation of the use of an Executive Order. Not one word about where the awesome power of an Executive Order and every American citizen’s duty to obey and follow that Executive Order blindly and without question came from. Furthermore, following blindly and without question is apparently the only lawful manner in which one must obey said royal edict known as an Executive Order. After all the duty to obey and allow an Executive Order is the law of the land, which is clearly transcribed for all to see somewhere someone is sure!

All a good American need know is everything uttered by the new American Sovereign Obama is the supreme law of the land, when so ordered by the edict called an “Executive Order.” When given in an "Executive Order" the statutes, rules, regulations, and ordinances contained therein represent no greater a force of law in America! Whence a proclamation by your King is dedicated to an “Executive Order” one must obey the law, as if the law came from the Almighty Himself! It matters not that many of such orders are in secret, and written where none may view the proclamations. The law is therefore exactly what the closest government official tells you the law to be, as they alone apparently are privy to reading these God like proclamations of American Law!

Finally, American’s can truly say of themselves "We are a FREE people!” Free from all the messy debate and argument of the former legislature, as they would only pass laws based on a majority of vote and thusly reflecting the will of the people. Free from allowing those learned and most expert of all the legal profession the Supreme Court, from ruling on the legality of a law after rigorous debate and litigation by two opposing sides of an issue. Free from having to drag themselves out to the polling booths the horrific three to four times a year Americans used to be duty bound to undertake, so as to cast their vote in democratic styled elections and measures. Yup…. Nothing but smooth sailing and no need to think, worry, participate, or educate themselves anymore. Thanks to his royal majesty King Obama! What a lucky country America must be now!

While President Obama is not the first President to utilize the Executive Order, his administration has utilized it with more frequency than any other President before him. At the same time, I didn’t mean to beat up on Obama, and he is merely the current sitting President. It doesn’t matter what President uses this legal myth the “Executive Order.” The fact of the matter is it is, or they are a legal myth. They carry absolutely no force of law whatsoever! None, zero, and are the equivalent of the “Line-item-veto!” They just do not exist, and the fact that the entirety of the government and the citizenry seem to entertain and play along with this myth is highly disturbing to say the least.

However, I believe what is most disturbing about the “Executive Order,” is the fact that if the entire United States Constitution were to have a singular purpose that purpose would be to ensure that no one branch of Government ever gained too much power over the other two branches. Moreover, if there were to be one branch in particular who is to never be allowed to grab too much power for itself, then that branch is the Executive Branch and especially never an all-powerful President!

Look at the historical context and what America as a nation was created in order to rebel and break away from as a whole. More than just the rule of an English Monarch, America was created as a country that rebelled against the very notion and idea that any one man alone could control the destiny of another through a force of law that was derived by mere proclamation of the will, want, or desire of the other man alone. In other words, no Kings and no dictators may rule this Country. When the President is allowed to utilize an “Executive Order” that has legal ramifications or implications of even a single American citizen, than the President does not have that authority what-so-ever!

The very limited scope of the “executive Order” is only to move the government or military in particular to do something. However, that something better not interfere with the rights of even one American, otherwise the President has gone too far. Only the legislature has the power to pass laws, which the President is then to “Execute!” That is why it is called the “Executive.” If anything, the true power of the government is supposed to be with the Legislature. This is why the Legislature has so many defined and enumerated powers, the power of control over the money, and the power to create laws. The reason being is those are the most powerful powers of government, and too powerful for any one man or woman to hold alone. This is why the drafters reserved all the truly “bad-ass” powers, even the power to be a “bad-ass” and declare war, to itself as “The People!”

For these reasons and a host of others I implore all true American patriots refrain from any debates about whether an “Executive Order” is good law or policy. It doesn’t matter if that “Executive Order” was to give every American $1,000,000. The simple fact of the matter is there is no such thing as “Executive Orders,” except from the Commander and Chief to the military! That is it!

This is why there are no procedures in place, no regulatory scheme, and almost no enforcement apparatus “Supposedly” for an “Executive Order” or to carry one out. The government isn’t set up to obey or even entertain an “Executive Order.” What’s the precedent on an “Executive Order?” Is it stronger than act of Congress? What’s the jurisdiction over the States? Where Congress can only control the channels of interstate commerce, and not pass laws affecting the States directly but through funding. What about an “Executive Order” then? Is it restricted to the channels of commerce as well?

No one can answer these questions, at least not with a straight face. The reason is because no one knows. No one knows, for the same reason why no one knows what color is the hair on the Easter Bunny, just how fat is Santa Clause really, or how tall is Bigfoot. It is because they are mythical constructs of the imagination of men and women, no more and no less!

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