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America the Oligarchy of Banksters!

So, my poor ignorant fools, allow the master to convene this class, and lace you all up with some real life factual knowledge. That’s right the Professor is in, so strap in, shut up, and open up your brains. So, Capitalism as a concept, theory, and system is awesome. Done correctly it will keep prices the lowest, products and sciences the newest, create the most jobs, and produce the most economic wealth and mobility across the board. However, there is a problem with our once more perfect union called America, and her chosen system of economics. There is oil in the water, and it’s causing the systems and organizations that form our greater good to become putrid and unfit for use or digestion by anyone with even the least bit of common sense.

Our republic has been high-jacked by an oligarchical group of “Banksters” (Combo banker and gangster), who currently hold even the most powerful offices and officials of this nation’s government under constant threat via their economic weapons and tactics. Yes, the American Republic is held hostage by that black hand of finances called the Federal Reserve Corporation. No, actually that is the correct way to say it, because the Federal Reserve Corporation is literally a privately owned corporation, with stock, a board of directors, profits, and all the other things a Corporation has. In fact, the Federal Reserve Corporation has a lot of exclusive powers and rights that no one else in the world has, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, I want you to wrap your head around that. It is the Federal Reserve Corporation. This corporation is autonomous just like any other company, and under no obligation to answer to the desire, will, or requests of any one but its corporate shareholders. Get that? Not the Senate, not the Congress, not the President, and not even the American People. The Federal Reserve Corporation has one duty alone, which is the duty of all corporations, which is to do any legal thing or undertake any legal action, so long as it produces profits for its shareholders. Moreover, the laws concerning fraud, negligence, corruption are all designed to promote this operation statement. So, in other words then this country is owned by a private company, or at least it owns our money and the largest part of the outstanding debt the American people owe (Or excuse me the country owes.). However, the people are the country literally, and we pay that back via our taxes. So you can say, “That’s not my debt, because that is the governments’ debt.” WRONG!!! That is so your debt, my debt, and the debt we all pay in ways you don’t even understand or know about. However, primarily it’s paid through our taxes, and our taxes pay that debt which we owe as citizens of this country, and we owe it to whom? If you said the Federal Reserve Corporation, then you are keeping up!

Now, here comes the common sense that is lacking, but is the key to the entire fractional reserve debacle, which is headed and promoted by the Federal Reserve Corporation; WHY? No, seriously, why does the United States of America not print its own money, instead of borrowing money from a company who doesn’t actually have the money either mind you? See, the Federal Reserve Corporation gives the United States Government US Dollars in exchange for United States Treasury Bonds, which are backed by the full faith and credit of the American people’s tax dollars. For those of you who don’t know a bond is simply a promise to pay money, plus interest, at a later date in time. Whose promise is on a United States Treasury Bond by the way? Do I have to say it? Really? Fine… It’s your promise stupid! My promise, your neighbors promise, and every single American citizen who pays their taxes promise to pay that lent money back

“Wait... Hold on… I didn’t agree to pay that back! That’s bullshit, I don’t even like or believe in the things that that barrowed money I have to pay back with interest is used for.” I know sucks don’t it, but now you can see at least financially why it is so important for everyone to get out and vote at every election and ballot measure. However, we’re not talking politics, which is the study of how the money gets spent. We are talking economics, which is of course the study of how the money is made. Anyway, back on topic, so thus far we have covered the fact that there is a privately owned corporation in America, which the United States Government trades Treasury Bonds to, in exchange for receiving United States Dollars or currency. These bonds are backed by a promise of the American people to pay that debt back, with interest, via their income taxes, and at a later time. At this point the Federal Reserve Corporation fires up the printing presses, and produces our dollars out of thin air. Where does the Federal Reserve Corporation get the dollars from? I literally just told you…. OUT OF FUCKING THIN AIR!!! The currency the Federal Reserve Corporation gives us are backed by nothing at all, and certainly nothing that the Federal Reserve Corporation as on hand, on its balance sheets, on the books, or held as collateral for equal value. Not since Nixon took us off the gold standard has the Fed held any collateral in reserve.

So, wait a minute… If the Federal Reserve Corporation doesn’t have anything to back the dollars and prints it out of thin air, why can’t the United States Government just print the dollars itself, not have to take on debt in the form of Treasury Bonds, and cut out the middle-man? Bingo???? THERE’S YOUR WHY? What would happen if the United States Government no longer used the Federal Reserve Corporation? The answer? Nothing! Not a fucking thing! Those people who own shares in the Fed like the Banksters and Ben Bernanke will tell you that the dollar would suffer immediate and irreparable harm and by what ailment exactly??? Confidence! That’s right, they try to explain to the American people that if the United States Government took actions which placed control of its monetary supply back in charge of the government itself, and stopped taking on massive debts and interest to a private corporation that confidence in the United States Dollar would plummet, as opposed to sky-rocket like never before!

It’s common sense. Any ones credit rating will improve, once they cut out unneeded fat and middle-men. Any ones, credit rating improves when they stop taking on more and more debts. In fact, the only people who don’t want the government to do this are the owners of the Federal Reserve Corporation, which just happens to be the major Wall Street Banks of this country. Trip off of that fact, the next time they claim they need a bail out. The banks literally go to the American people and state, “We’re incompetent, and so we’re going to go bankrupt, unless you allow us to borrow more money from ourselves!” How does one barrow money from one’s self exactly? Well, it’s easy; you just have to convince some sucker that you’re barrowing the money for their own good, so they pay back the debt on the money you barrowed from yourself.

That sounds stupid right? What the fuck do you think the bailouts were? I mean that literally, and the “sucker?” You guessed in… You, me, and every other American tax payer in this country. Look, these are just the facts, and are merely broken down so even the most lay and common of individuals can understand these artificially manufactured difficult concepts. If people decide we need to get rid of the Federal Reserve Corporation because of reading this article, then I’ve done my job as a patriot and American citizen. Is there precedent for a President to kill a national bank? Oh yeah… See, Andrew Jackson, aka Old Hickory!

The fact of the matter is the Federal Reserve Corporation is a toxic substance in the capitalistic streams of commerce and industry. If is not the streams of commerce or capitalism itself, but a warped make-believe capitalism where a bunch of super rich fat cat banksters (Who don’t do real business, but just finances.) are able to literally get a valuable something (Treasury Bonds) for nothing (Dollars from thin air.). This something from nothing model defies all known models of compensation, capitalism, work, investment, logic, and everything except a story book maybe with fairy reserve godmothers granting wishes, oh and America, can this farce and attack on logic possibly exist. Therefore, I’ll stop there, as I may have already dented, if not seriously destroyed, a few people’s notions of reality and how thinks work. I’d apologize, but if your brain hurts, don’t trip that’s merely the growing pains of illuminating ignorance.

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