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Go Fuck Yourself Arlington Virginia!

That’s right! I said it! Arlington, Virginia, can take their grossly unconstitutional law prohibiting cursing in public, shove it all up their asses; thereby fucking themselves! And may the local DA of that City attempt by use of a long arm statute to cite me for a violation of that unconstitutional attack on the right to free speech, so I may rightly make said DA choke on a little thing better known as the First Amendment! So, because those rednecks can’t get it right, allow Professor Drotts to officially call this mini-course in Constitutional Law into session. So let’s start with the basics, the First Amendment reads “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Which means Congress or any other Federal or State Entity may ever tell you what to say!

Now hold on Lawyers, I understand the rules on “Community Standards,” and “Commercial Speech” clearly state the government can have some say as to the when and where of certain commercial forms of speech, and the community standard states that communities can pick their own standards of what is and isn’t art or offensive for public exhibits. Great, good, fine, but there’s a huge problem with throwing these rules of precedence out there and hoping you may trick enough individuals to hide behind that bullshit. The problem is is that this law doesn’t regulate commercial speech (Like commercials) or art (Like porn). No this law drills down to the individual on the street. This law says you may not walk out of your house, walk down the street, realize what this law truly means for the right to free speech for all American’s, get justifiably enraged with a true American patriots yelp of anguish for this once great and free land, become ensensed with patriotic rage, and then at the top of your lungs yell in a public area “Motherfucker… They’ve stolen even more of my rights and freedoms, those cocksuckers!” For if you do, they’ll fine you $250.00, at least in Arlington Virginia.

I understand that some of my less quick whitted readers, any unAmerican readers, and those readers for whom the act of thinking and extrapolating out two very linked and similar concepts is akin to walking on water, are most likely thinking or saying to themselves with ignorance enduced smiles on their mongoloid faces “So what??? That’s Virginia and not my State! That has nothing to do with my rights, and it doesn't effect me!” To which I must unfortunately reply... WRONG!!! See our system of governance and our courts utilize a system of precedence known as the Common Law. It was handed down to us second hand style, by our cousins across the pond...a.k.a. The English. As I stated our Common Law Legal System runs on a single concept called "precedence." This means that laws are built on top of each other based on supposedly Constitutional Strict Scrutiny, and on a function of a laws actual function and popularity amongst the voting citizenry. This is the basic blue print for any non-direct democracy like ours is, or also more commonly referred to as a Republic.

In a republic, especially one supposedly safe gaurded by a common law court system, should an unconstitutional law be allowed to stand and/or gain popularity in so much as anything more than even a Local PTA Board Meeting, it sets a precedent. Courts are then free to go back and look at this precedence and decide whether or not any new laws being contested should be allowed to exist perminantly, since the first law creating that precedence has been allowed to stand or remain on the books. For this reason, the ability for this law to not only be created but remain valid, and held out as being Constitutional, allows for and creates a legal beach-head upon which very clver and highly skilled masters of Courtroom Argument and Litigation can and will begin to land their legal arguments upon. They can and will then very quickly blow open that beach-head, and start us down a very very slippery and dangerous hill of rights stripping for all Americans.

So this is why for them to get even a toe hold on rights grabbing any where in this country, is going to be of an epic a scale of importance, and is a very big deal that effects all our rights nation wide! The question you've got to be asking yourselves is, “Well if this is such a big deal, then why aren’t the alarms going off? Why aren't all those Civil Rights Groups jumping all over this, like they're supposed to do, and usually always do?” Well, the answer to that is that currently those whose job it is to guard and tow that line and defend our rights and freedoms, are all currently busy right now worrying about whether some 37 year old lady from Spokane Washington orders her chicken baked or fried while dinning out. What this means is it is up to us! It’s up to you and I to become educated as to these current events, tell our elected officials “We’re fucking not god-damned-ok with that bullshit,” and make sure our voices are heard! Defend freedom, defend America, and defend the United States Constitution!

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