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HRxAnalysts... I wonder if this white paper/cover letter ever made it to Facebook

August 14, 2012 at 2:33pm

To whom it may concern,

After reading the whitepaper available on-line by John Summer, of HRxAnalysts, I believe there will be major problems with any attempt to create an algorithm for HR purposes. The reason being is an algorithm can never factor in the human condition, or put simply is the person a good fit at the firm. If you put a bunch of buzzwords down on paper, you’ll turn up with what the algorithm states it word find in resumes. In other words, true to what it claims the algorithm will find “Candidate A,” possessing qualifications “XYZ,” and maybe even from “ABC University” with a “QRS” G.P.A. However, is the person a good “fit,” and will he/she blend in with the corporate culture at your firm (or clients firm), and more importantly blend in with the corporate culture of your partners and clients? The human factor will never be able to be programmed around, in my humble opinion.

It is an awesome tool Facebook can offer companies. In order to generate more revenue, I believe Facebook should be charging more for those possessing “Corporate Websites” as a money generating tool. No company in their right mind doesn’t want access to and the chance to advertise to over ½ billion users a day is it. Moreover, using integrated marketing practices, with the “likes” function Facebook could realize a new monetization and revenue generating stream. As an example, if someone “likes” shoes, Facebook should have links to companies ready to sell those shoes to the consumer. Then Facebook should also display links to sock companies, and see a percentage from that.

In my opinion Facebook, isn’t leveraging itself right. The guys are computer guys who were smart enough to hack it all the way to creating a multimillion dollar IPO. Now, it’s sinking. Not enough liquid on the books? Getting pushed around and/or not integrating at the corporate level? I keep hearing that Facebook stock is failing, because it has no real revenue generating stream. So fix that. Create value. Facebook is a company which has a million ways it could go, companies to partner with, and untapped markets to compete in. What if Facebook also offered on-line movies and competed with Netflix or some of these other media companies? When someone likes a movie, Facebook should have a link offering the user to rent or buy that movie, show, music, e-book, or other piece of media. Through offering, broadcasting, and selling the media itself, or by partnering with other mega media giants and charging them “X%” for the product/media referral, Facebook could instantly recognize a new source of income.

As a Product Manager or a part of the Marketing Team at Facebook, I can help implement these ideas. I have always believed that it is best to walk the walk, instead of talk the talk. This is why my cover letter offers two insightful, money making ideas, which I would normally get paid to create and implement. To show I am a team player and dedicated to the position, I offered them copyright free to your firm via this cover letter, so you hopefully realize not only my creativity, application based solutions, straight-shooting style of identifying and solving issues, but that I am a team player as well. I look forward to hearing from your firm soon.

October 27, 2014 at 7:56am

The Independent Authors and Publishers Marketing Group

Creator Joel Drotts

The concept is fairly simple, the group creates a list of e-books and links which has the e-books of the group on it, then the group each markets the list, while at the same time creating name recognition and brand recognition for the group and list as the premier go to independent e-book promoters, locators of independent fresh stories, and standard bearer.

Call to put out on Meet Up!

Seeking independent authors and publishers of e-books, who are interested in using Meet Up to meet up, and share best practices, collaborate, and on-line marketing work load. There is always strength in numbers, and this group facilitates and applies the concept to on-line marketing like never before to allow independents to compete in earnest with those companies that can afford fulltime professional marketers and large expenditures on advertising. Think of its crowd-source marketing, because where before you had twenty-five to fifty independent and separate individual authors or publishers each marketing their own separate book and link to it, now you have 25-50 individuals all marketing single list or product which includes the e-books of the member promoters. It stands to reason that the unified voice of twenty-five or fifty announcing “Look at this list of twenty-five to fifty original stories, literary work, and the links to purchase those books and stories” will be much louder, than the disorganized and separate voices of the same number each yelling “Look at me “and each asking people to look in different places.

A single list, a single call to action, and a single place; created by the voice of many stories. In using the efforts of the many to towards a single goal, we can and will raise awareness of those e-books on the list written by the group members. If you are an independent e-book author, who agrees with this logic, and you’re willing to market a list of books which includes your title or titles and receive the benefit of the effort of 25-50 other independent authors like yourself, instead of your continued efforts to market alone, compete against each other as fellow independent e-book authors as well as the mega-rich companies and their full time professional marketers, then welcome to your new collaborative e-book marketing group. From the voices of many, we can and will enjoy the benefits of being a part of a larger unified one.

It stands to reason that the unified voice of a group announcing “Look at this list of original stories, literary work, and the links to purchase those books and stories” will be much louder, than the disorganized and separate voices of the same number of authors each yelling “Look at me” and each asking people to look in different places. One can even foresee a revolution in e-book distribution and product marketing, which will be started by this posting and concept. Imagine if that same unified group were able to agree to each accept certain pricing and a packing of their e-books, bundled and packaged into a single product, containing the titles of all authors, and sold for a single price. Now, you'd have an actual product no big box store is offering or can offer, as you need to get your authors to all agree to the pricing and distribution model. Plus, the big box stores are too busy competing with each other, and doing so at the expense of independent authors and their royalties. If you're a forward thinker and visionary, and can easily envision a future where the independents can throw a little bit of weight around in an industry and market dominated by the heaviest of hitters... Then welcome aboard, we've been waiting for you!

To be member of this group you must have written or collaborated on writing and-book, which is currently for sale in at least one place/website on-line, and be actively spending at least ten to twenty hours a week personally trying market your e-book or e-books on line, or be willing to dedicate that amount of time if you better knew how to do so. Group membership is a one-time payment of$20.00, which gets your name on the list, and entitles you to come to the meetings. Attendance is highly recommended, and those whom don’t attend or miss (Without cause) more than three meetings will be dropped from the list and group, and receive no refund of their $20.00. The reason for this policy is to ensure that we are actually speaking with one voice as a group, because anyone who has written a book knows that the book becomes a little bit like a child or favorite pet. Therefore, we want to ensure we are all very respectful of the valued efforts of those in the group whom have entrusted their baby or pet to this doggy-day care or co-op preschool for e-books, and the best way to show respect for the group is participation and doing your part. We primarily work on the honor system, but we also want to ensure that those in the group and helping with the system are honorable. In other words, we want to trust those we have allowed to baby or dog sit, and make sure they’re treating our babies or pet projects in the same manner we treat our own and those of the group members.

At our first meeting, we shall meet and greet, and formalize vote on the name of list which we shall all market in unison. We will also set up unified landing page or website where we house the list full of title and links. We will also share current best practices on content marketing on-line, useful marketing tools on-line, as well as sharing ideas about what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you. The reason I put this on Facebook, is to prove to if only myself that I was the first with this idea. While the system is not patentable, I'd still like some recognition for a marketing strategy that once realized by those less creative, less ethical, and yet way more wealthy than myself, will be copied, utilized, and touted as the new way to do marketing for products like these. However, not before they steal the idea, claim they were the first, and give me no recognition or payment for my creativity. Why, when they have more money than God usually, and paying and hiring the originator of such strategies always seems like what I'd do in their shoes. However, then they couldn't pass the ideas off as their own, as if finding the talent and the strategy together as one package to sell to an employer wouldn't get them kudos and finder’s fee enough. I know this sound like egotistical ravings from a madman, but just watch and see! Watch and see!

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