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NAACP Hypocrites Show Their True Colors

Once again society and the public need me to come forward and summon my god like ability to give a proper perspective and interject the needed context into the stream of public consciousness represented by the mainstream media, and do so in order that current web of bullshit being spun by those in the main stream media and supposed intellectuals containing equal parts hypocrisy and ignorance may be forever untangled! For those of you whom are following the trending news stories, in Spokane Washington the Chapter President of the NAACP for that region has recently been first outed and currently being crucified in the media for “identifying herself as black.” Those participating in this public witch-hunt claim that because Rachel Dolezal, age 37, family's ancestry is Czech, Swedish and German, with a trace of Native American heritage, she may not “identify” herself as “Black.” However, the truly enlightened liberal mentality should be, “Who are you to identify the woman’s identity?”

More and more traditional notions of labels of sex, race, who people are, and how they identify themselves, are being chipped away at and broken down. Nowhere more so is this true, than in the media. Every day we are told by the media and then society as a whole that not only are people free to identify themselves how they please or how they feel, and by that extension the rest of society must accept the stated identities of people that they give. For example, gender neutrality has become law in California and people with male gentiles may now dress and identify themselves as a woman, and the law protects that right to self-identification more and more. We have decided as a society that labels given the individual by society are no longer acceptable, and instead it is the individual whom self-identifies their own chosen label to the society. The NAACP of all groups should understand and defend this position, but apparently like most minority groups their hypocrisy shines through gloriously the moment their own principles get applied to a person or idea which doesn’t work to their benefit. The most current incarnation of their unjust and hypocritical policies being of course the NAACP’s refusal to accept the fact that the long time NAACP leader, activist, and college professor of African American studies, “identifies” herself as “black.” Apparently the NAACP owns the trademark rights to “black” as an identity, and unfortunately the long time black community leaders’ European heritage prevents her from utilizing the “black identity” trademark according to the NAACP.

White-boys who sag their jeans, while listening to rap, and praying for the day they can be in a group of black folks and call one of the group “my nigga” without getting beat-up who have been looking for guidance on the issue of identifying themselves as “black” for decades are all going to want to jump into their low-riders, and drive them off a high cliff in mass suicide attempts. Why you ask? Well, there’s been an apparent ruling on the field by the ultimate authority on being “black” of course. We know the NAACP is the ultimate authority on this issue, because they tell us they are and have long since been that authority. That being said, the NAACP’s national media crucifixion of “Black” Activist and “Black” Community Leader Rachel Dolezal for identifying herself as “black,” sends no clearer a message to all those whom “identify” themselves as “black” who lack African American heritage. That message is that “black” is our color! For us and by us, and you dumb honkeys can’t identify yourselves as “our color,” and don’t let them catch you ever even trying to use “their word!”

While some may call into question the actions and hypocrisy of an organization who claims to fight racism and promote humanity, in claiming a right to apparently not only own “black” as a trademark, but the right to grant credibility and legitimacy to any ones claims of being “black;” I do not. Personally I miss the out and out racist behavior, especially when it so beautifully accentuates for all to see the total hypocrisy of a self-important group like the NAACP. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like racism. However, what I hate even more than racism is a hypocritical group that claims to promote equality out of one side of its mouth, while blatantly seeking to discredit and discourage someone who doesn’t fit their idea of what the “black identity” is exactly. Regardless of that person’s actual and obvious feelings of identifying themselves as “black.” I just love it when the bad guys step on their dick, and everyone gets to see just how ass backwards and truly racist groups like the NAACP actually are. To me it’s just delicious! I guess advancing the plight of colored people really does entail keeping whites out!

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