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Response to B.A.M.N. (By Any Means Necessary) Groups Lawyer Article!

As a lawyer I would expect that even though you claim to promote the racist agenda of affirmative action “By any means necessary” that you would remember your ethical oath as an attorney, and understand that when you post arguments with the air of legality to it that lay people will believe your arguments. Even if your arguments are in fact little more than your person opinions, based on highly questionable facts or more correctly your misinterpretation of those facts. For example your arguments that standardized tests are racially discriminatory, and somehow are “white preference tests.”

However, your extremely vague comment based almost entirely on opinion, fails to even give your readers the legal standard test for scientific theories or called expert opinion. In fact, you pull out a few unsubstantiated choice statements by Martin Shapiro about the “Differential Item Functioning Method” used Educational Testing Service, and twisted the statistical explanation of what in fact Differential Functioning Method actually is into your opinion of a “white preference test.” You make this outlandish claim after refusing to inform your readers that Martin Shapiro is only one Test Author, speaking about the practices of only a single Testing Service Company, and conveniently neglect to state that Martin Shapiro’s theories are by (a) his own admission his own opinion; (b) are not accepted standard theories used by the psychiatric, educational, or professional test creating professions; (c) and cannot be readily reproduced and are highly speculative and dependent upon the individuals taking the exam.

Therefore, not only do you refuse to give your readers the true legal standard for new scientific theories, you attempt to corrupt their opinion of their own abilities as young college students who have taken SAT’s, LSAT’s, and have higher educational experiences. The statistical diagnostic tools, to which you outright lie to your reader about, are actually used to ensure the fairness and accuracy of the exams. Furthermore, what Marti Shapiro is actually the only one who believes there is a problem with the test, and Educational Testing Service Inc. actually denies the test being biased, and states that it has undertaken exhaustive procedures to ensure the fairness of the tests. It is Martin Shapiro who states that he personally has not undertaken any attempts to recalibrate the tests for ETS, even though he ALONE is the only person in the test creating industry who believes his theories of the DIF causing racially biased and negative results.

What you have done in your first “Argument for Affirmative Action” is prove that you are a liar, a cheat, and that you will do anything and say anything to get ahead. I am assuming this means attack ideas that are truly democratic and with merit like PROP 209 and PROP 2. Both are laws which simply state that colleges cannot even inquire about the race of an individual who is applying to a college in California (PROP 209) or Michigan (PROP 2). I can think of know fairer way to ensure that people are let in solely on performance, grades, community involvement, extra-curricular activities, sports, and other true qualifications which make students desirable assets to a particular college.

However, for all your talk of equality and integration, equality and fairness are the last things you desire. Instead you seek to disadvantage white students and young adults out of some perceived notion that they, the world, or these colleges owe you something. That if a white student has better grades, it is because they had so many more opportunities than you did. You insult whites in a twofold manner by suggesting that the white student didn’t get better grades because they are in fact smarter, worked harder, or were more studious then a minority candidate who they beat out, but then you act like a complete bigot by implying in fact the only reason whites get anywhere in life is only because we are white and as racist as you. You also simultaneously insult every minority college student at the same time, by implying that they are somehow not as smart, hardworking, or studios as white college students and that the only way a minority student could place higher/rank higher than a white student is through affirmative action and unfair competition.

Why GPA is probably the most and best non-racist or race neutral measure of academic performance and capability based solely on merit!

I have a hard time understanding why no one has ever pointed out to you the absolute lunacy and ill-logical claims and statements you make to those you claim to lead and mean to sway. For example, your ridiculous claims about the K-12 education system. Starting with your first paragraph where you have somehow managed to make it seem as if the well-known national budget crisis affecting the educational system is somehow a plot by white people to ensure blacks, and any other minorities dumb enough to buy into the crap you peddling, somehow get substandard educations. All schools are suffering in this state and in America as a whole. The reason your school or any other public school for that matter gets what you perceive to be “substandard” teaching professionals, is because quite honestly teaching is a thankless job that pays all of squat!

I myself would become a K-12 teacher, if the job paid competitive pay with at least the other civil service employees such as Police and Fire. Teachers work almost 60 hours a week, on a salary of close to $36,000 annual starting, and often have to pay out of their own pockets for classroom materials. Their class sizes keep getting bigger, because school districts funding for more classes, sports, and things of that nature are being taken away at the state level. Meanwhile, Federal funding that is earmarked for schools rarely gets where it needs to go, mainly because the State Government uses it to pay other bills instead of kicking it down to the local level where it can get best used and distributed. Moreover, ever since Bush enacted the “No child left behind” fiasco, the Federal Government now feels or thinks it has a need to interfere with education from the Federal level beyond funding.

However, education has always been handled primarily at the State level. I may be mistaken, but I believe “No child gets ahead” (Joke) may have been the first national attempt at education reform or at least one that extensive and controlling, which basically left or made teachers do little more than teach to these national tests. Everything, including the teacher’s very employment, depended or depends on these ridiculous tests from the Federal Government, which if you want money from the Feds you have to pass and score well on. Well, the teachers are stupid, and they have bills and mouths to feed themselves so all they did/do was teach kids how to take these tests. No real learning actually occurs anywhere, or if it does it is solely what is needed to be known for the federal tests.

The point I am trying to make is all public schools are suffering, and it is bad even at white schools. It is not some conspiracy directly targeted at blacks or other minorities. Moreover, the last line in your first argument is without merit, evidence, is sheer opinion, and directly targeted at Latino readers who you are hoping to con into following you on your insane crusade. You are truly shameless, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. In effect you’re attempting to do what Hitler did, only you are too stupid to pull it off. In other words, you have this crazy affirmative action idea, because you are an angry black group and lady who has deep psychological issues on a personal level and you hate white people.

Therefore, what you do is try to vilify white people, and make Latino readers believe that you and they have the same enemy. However, you are actually their enemy as you’re try to use their numbers, voice, passion for their movement, the national awareness and actual public sentiment about the immigration issue and trying to piggy-back and pigeonhole your stupid racist cause in with theirs. Which is pretty messed up, as between the so called whites and the blacks it is actually YOU who is attempting to exploit them and treat them like they are too stupid to have their own movement without the help of you angry, racist, and insane rhetoric. If we ever meet in person, you will know as I will be the one calling you stupid black angry Hitler. Lol.

Finally, GPA is earned by the student, over a course of semesters and years. There is no way to effect, due to race or socio-economic factors, the merited hard work and studiousness of a student. Moreover, the fact that you say that is personally insulting as I got good grades throughout undergrad, and I was therefore accepted into Law School. My GPA was earned in undergrad! Nothing was given me, and I had to fight academically to get the grades I received. The same goes with any of your readers or followers, regardless of race. How dare you try to take that away from them or I. GPA is the work, studiousness, dedication, time, energy, and sacrifice of every student and their family (More often than not) regardless of race. Moreover, GPA is a true measure as plenty of my fellow class-mates, who were minorities (Even black ones), received better grades then myself. And why? Because they earned those grades, not because any professors ever took it easier on them because they were a minority or even black. GPA is pure work, and the payment of students (metaphorically). However, it is what every student “works” at on a daily basis.

On a personal note, my undergrad grades and LSAT score was good enough that my law school let me in INSPITE OF THE FACT THAT I AM WHITE! See my Law School, at least my first one before it was bought out, was New College School of Law. It was the Bay Area’s premier ultra-liberal law school, until it got bought by JFK School of Law in my third year of law school. So liberal in fact, there was some question about letting a white, straight, protestant, male, from an upper middle class family, and raised in the suburbs in there. I am essentially everything idiots like yourself believe you are supposed to hate, even though I never met you, never harmed you in any way shape or form, you’re just a racist, angry, old, black lady or group, who can’t let go of whatever bad experience you might have had growing up with white people, and so now you have your chance (So you think) to get back at those whom you think hurt you. Even though you are a lawyer, and could be doing more productive things and actually be happy with your life. However, people like you don’t know how to be happy or earn their own way, even though you have a tool I would kill for in a license to practice law. You still just hate life, and insist on trying to making everyone else miserable and angry, just because that is how you feel and chose to live your life (At least those dumb enough to actually listen and believe in your bullshit!).

Education, the relationship between normal and healthy people of different races, and what it is to be a real American!

I have decided to address your next three paragraphs in a single section, as all your paragraphs are pretty much trying to make the same points. I can’t speak to what it is like to be a minority, so I won’t try. I can tell you that all through High School, College, and Law School not a single one of my friends ever complained to me about how much harder they had things because they were black, Latino, Asian, Polynesian, Arab, Indian, Armenian, or any other race counted amongst my eclectic and extremely diverse groups of friends. To be honest if any of them were feeling cheated, treated unfairly, or having a rough time of things, I’d actually be aware of it. See, I am actually the type of friend who is loyal to the end, and there for me real friends to talk to or to help them out if I can. As I said, I am not going to sit here and tell you how actually most of my friends are minorities, because that’s just how we grew up. I don’t see my friends as “minorities,” unless we’re drinking and I am busting their balls. However, you strike me as the sort of angry person that you could never joke around with friends, if you have any who are white.

I would like to take issue with a statement in your first paragraph, where you state that black kids spend their first year of K-12 just having to catch up with the rest of their peers. Now, how could that be any one’s fault but the deadbeat parents of any black children who may suffer from that problem? Let me get this straight, now white people are to blame for certain amounts of black parents not teaching their kids to read, write their own name, or go to some sort of a nursery school prior to their entry into kindergarten? Do you even think as you write these outrageous and racist accusations, or do you just say whatever you feel, and hope everyone is dumb enough to take you at your word because you are just that special? Again, I can’t speak to how it is growing up anything other than white from a firsthand experience, but I know for a fact you cannot blame the whites and state that affirmative action needs to be instituted due to factors and situations which are 100% under the control of black people and black people alone. I mean honestly… Now you expect white people to suffer and pay for mistakes and problems caused solely by black people for themselves. Now who really isn’t looking to be fair or equal?

OK… So this is good. What exactly is a “Racist Gesture?” What is that if a white person walks by a black person, and doesn’t instantly apologize for slavery even though their family may have fought for the North? If I scratch my head and a black person notices, is that a “racist gesture?” Not picking little Timmy or picking him last for kickball, because little Timmy actually sucks at kickball… If little Timmy just happens to be black, is that a racist gesture?

This is the problem with you people and people like you, you make people racist or at the very least push your crap onto everyone else so much that they feel attacked and uncomfortable so they act odd. Which you love, because then you get to point and say “Look, he or she is making a racist gesture.” However, in reality it was use and all your racist shit, talk of how we are different, how white people owe you something, how white people should feel sorry for you because you’re black, and drumming up affirmative action when you should just let the bullshit die its death, who caused the crap to get stirred and got/gets people riled up. Why? Because you are the racist, not white people!

Furthermore, not all (IF ANY), white people actually sit there and are secretly racist, plotting, and thinking evil racist stuff about blacks just because they are in the same classroom or schools with them. Most white people don’t care one way or another. If a person is an asshole or an angry, old, black, racist Hitler, then maybe I may feel the need to say or do something. However, this whole navigating a river of racism thing you have going on here, this is just not true. Nobody cares, and I mean that literally. That whole scenario about the black kid trying to navigate and blab bla bla, what makes you think blacks or any one for that matter are that special? No one is thinking about you, talking about you, or cares enough about you to hate you, or entertain your weirdo fantasies where all white people are out to get blacks. If fact, how you are describing school for blacks, is kind of how I imagine it must be for white women to walk around my neighborhood alone after dark. All the brothers trying to pimp them, ask them for change or cigarettes, or sell them drugs, or who knows what. You swear blacks are the only people that are ever “the minority.” When I first moved to my block, I was the one of the only white guys. However, I didn’t cry about it and start an angry hate group on line, because I am not a racist like you.

Mass protests of blacks and Latinos demanding white people accept affirmative action and grant amnesty to illegal residence, will result in anger, close ears, unreceptive attitudes, unwillingness to help or cooperate or participate, and may even begin to generate previously unfelt feeling of racism in white Americans.

Look, I am just being straight up honest here. I truly hope the Latinos that are tricked into believing your rhetoric actually understand what affirmative action actually is, and that you have not tricked any less educated or fluent Latino’s into mistakenly believing that you are a group and organization which has their best interest at heart. If the ones that are amongst you really want to join your group in perpetuating racism and anger for yet another generation, because your pissed off about your childhood or whatever happened to some distant relative you never met then so be it. However, do not poison the minds of people my age, with your crap, angry, racism, garbage rhetoric, lies, and agenda. Even the figures you have proving your point on how a joint racist protest by Latinos and blacks against whites are from the 1980’s and 1990’s, which I am assuming is the last time you were a happy person in any way shape or form. All I can say is lady, now I know you and you racist shitty little group exist, and I will be watching you. When I see your propaganda, people, and angry black racist Hitler bullshit, just remember I am American and my grandfather’s both help to destroy Hitler racist regime.

Dear BAMN Member,

Generally speaking, I do not waste my time with “Angry Black” bigots, as you are a dime a dozen. Get a little bit of education in you, and then you spend the rest of your life being mad at white people even though you are a licensed attorney and could go do some good. However, instead you rabble rouse, instigate, and insight anger and segregation where there is none, and people are happy getting along. What’s really scary is you do what all stupid angry ultra-left radicals do, and seek to adopt other peoples real struggles and co-op their movements as a part of your angry little pity party! As an example, the immigration debate is literally miles away from your non-struggle which doesn’t exist and hasn’t since the 1960’s.

That’s actually why I got involved, because I don’t want you tricking some poor illegal who just wants a shot at the American dream, to work, and be normal into believing that angry black people bitching about white people and drumming up already decided issues of affirmative action in the year 2013 for Christ’s sake, are the ones that or “one” (Because it’s pretty much just you) that can or will help their cause. In fact, I promise you as a white person if you attach amnesty for illegals to the concept of affirmative action, you will sink that movement and kill any chances they have of actually winning public sentiment towards their cause!

However, you don’t care, because you just want people to show up at you angry rallies, talk trash about white people, slow down the Courts, step backwards instead of forward, rabble rouse, and ruin the chances of the Latino community actually winning a real and current issue facing America instead of some old ass bullshit from the 1970’s that is settled, is dying, should die, pisses people the hell off, and is racist ass all shit like affirmative action! I am a thirty-six year old white male, who grew up in the Bay Area. I won’t sit here and say how diverse my group of friends are, based on the fact I am just from the Bay Area, that is how it is growing up here, and no matter what I say you’re going to call me a racist any way (And I could care less!). However, seriously, what the hell is your guy’s problem!

Nobody thinks like that anymore, and I see why. You’re “Young person coalition of unity is led by a fifty year old + angry black lady from the East Bay who is probably a lesbian as well. She is stuck in the 1960’s, when it was cool to be mad at white people, everyone was divided, and things were different. However, that was her generation, my parent’s generation (Not that they’re racists), and whatever sins may have been committed between the races that wasn’t us!!!! I am assuming you’re not all angry black women from the baby boomers generation over there, and therefore it’s pretty safe to say your experience growing up was/is a lot like mine (If you are American).

If you’re from the Bay Area, then you understand and we have more in common than need be said. Which is why I’m wondering why you guys are so mad at white people? Did I ever oppress you? Do I owe you something? Should I not have the same shot at success, jobs, school, or whatever as you do? Moreover, don’t kid yourself and don’t lie! You never experienced any real racism or were super oppressed by white people! You’re literally too young, so am I! That is not our generation, and that was the sins of the past generations. Don’t let one angry old bi**chi screw with your heads. If you didn’t get into Berkley or whatever, be real… Did you deserve it? Did you study as hard as you could have? If you think about it, you’re probably mad at yourself and not white people.

This dumb ass, lying ass, want to be leader you guys are following has you arguing over her personal psychological traumas, confusing your heads with phony rhetoric, back legal documents, and political movements that are not you. The amnesty for illegals issue is in fact a current and modern one, and while the Supreme Court is going to hear these so called “Affirmative Action” cases, after reading the arguments and briefs posted on the site, they will get struck down.

Moreover, Affirmative Action should die. We don’t need it any more; it will only serve to divide a generation of Americans in this country who didn’t/don’t view each other as being different until angry black lesbians make a bunch of noise telling us we are supposed to think we are all different. I don’t know where exactly you grew up, but if it’s anywhere in the Bay Area, you know what I am talking about. This lady is going to piss people off, and torpedo the Latino issue by trying to use them/you for her angry vendetta.

White people don’t feel, appreciate, or want affirmative action, and especially my generation and younger…. Screw that!!!! I didn’t do shit to any of you, and I am not paying for sins from some old or dead other white guy, for sins done to some old or dead minority neither of which has anything to do with you or me (If you read this). That’s why I torpedoed this ladies argument, but legal style…. Because she is an idiot, and you shouldn’t follow her. The white kids with her; they must just be retards or something. Any white person especially born 1976 or younger that is somehow pro affirmative action are just idiots. Why would you want to pay someone else’s debt, to a person who you don’t even owe? Anyway, good luck, whoever you are. I hope you get smart, cause your leader is a grade an idiot!

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