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Social Marketing Calculation and Meta Data Targeting Tool; The Instructional White Paper by Joel Dro

Social Marketing ROI Calculable Equation

Copyright owner Joel Drotts 2013. All rights reserved.

I have read article after article about the extended use of meta-data, social media spend and advertisement, the ROI companies can expect from spending such large amounts of time and capital into social media advertising, and most importantly how can ROI be actually proven within a quantifiable and countable manner. However, those that aren’t aware of the latest tools available electronically, let me tell you that social media advertising tools have the power to harness near real time public sentiment over any given population. However, as theories and explanations always seem to be given more creditability when in the form of an mathematical equation, I hereby submit my copyrighted equation of {(Sample size of target marketing demographic) – (Original sample size of target marketing demographic) = (Increased consumer familiarity of products or service) / ($ spent for time period which one engages in active social media advertising campaign) < ($ profits realized cover the cost of said campaign, with realized increased gross over-all profit.)} [©Joel Drotts 2013].

The equation above is the first usable and published social media measurement equation, which business decision makers or anyone else thinking of starting an internet social media campaign can use to actually calculate if they’re seeing a true return on investment. What would be truly awesome or useful to businesses, promoters, politicians, product designers, governments, and more would be a web-crawler that can do what Facebook’s Social Tracker can do for business page users, only with meta-mining capability to harness the data available on=line in all public forums. Now, let’s get this straight, I do not advocate or endorse the NSA’s current abuses of Americans privacy or complete disregard for the Constitution. However, there is enough public information on line, which users willing surrender every day, which could be mined and analyzed.

When one stops to imagine if there were a Facebook Social Tracker style tool, using web crawlers, meta-mining, but on a web wide scale. With the ability to harness even just the amounts of data and conversations from public forums and posted-blogs would be amazing. With such a capability marketing analysis specialists could type in a key word search, read the data, and judge public sentiment on a topic as it is developing. At the very least social marketing advertisers can figure out who is talking about what subjects, products, issues, current events, or people, and then adjust their message accordingly by using targeted and relevant content. If practitioners of this new science and art became good enough, they could actually sway public sentiment and opinion in near real time. This would be done through persuasive, fun, or interesting articles on topic placed on key sites, in key blogs, on topic, but embedded within the articles mentions of the products or services the practitioner is selling. If the practitioner isn’t able to embed and name drop in a natural way that isn’t over jarring to the eye and psyche of a reader, by cramming a product or service plug in out of know where, then there is also no shame in stating at the end of an article (Article paid for by ) as just an example.

If you're a Government or large company such information is an awesome power to utilize. From a business stand point, it realizes the exact opposite of the disenfranchised claims of those that questioned ROI for marketing on line. Target a population size, area, race, age, sex, or whatever target marketing demographic you’re seeking out, then ask Facebook Social Tracker, “Who is talking about me?" Companies can type in the name of their company or the products the company sells. If more people are talking about the company, its products, and the services offered at the second sample measurement of the intended audience then the percentage points of the initial target marketing demographic measurement, then you have the first part of the aforementioned equation ready to figure out your measurable return on investment.

The argument can and should be raised, "Well how much dollar value is in the increased chatter, brand awareness, and name recognition?” That part is up to the purchaser of advertising to decide for themselves. At a certain point the electronic marketing and media boils down to old school business sense, and this is the second half of the equation represented by the greater than sign. As if it is not greater than, then you would be losing money or the cost of the campaign isn’t bringing in enough profits to pay for it and increase your revenue even more. Therefore, advertise spend-increased profit equals greater or less profit. That’s the copyright social media spend theory and equation, as it relates to targeted content for social media advertising by Joel Drotts Juris Doctorate.

Crash Course in Content Marketing!!!

As a part of your membership dues and attendance fee, you do qualify to get our educational manuals and how to series. We’re happy to share our educational manuals on content marketing with the group at these drastically reduced prices, because the better you are, the better the group is, and ultimately the better off we all are. This is our way of helping you, to help us, by helping the group! Let’s GO TEAM INDEPENDENTS!!!

It's the who you are marketing to, will help you make an informed decision about where, when, and how to market to you key target marketing demographic. We already know what we’re marketing, which is the groups list of authors and titles.

List Avatar Characteristics (Age, race, location, income, best time to reach them, single/married, kids, habits and hobbies, likes and dislikes).

This manual was produced by Honest Value, for The Independent Authors and Publishers Marketing Group. In order that we may help grow our industries best practices, and readership through education and cooperation we’ve allowed our educational manuals to be distributed for free to group members with proof that their membership dues are current.

Creating Your Marketing Avatar!

There may be a few members who don’t know what an avatar is, well an avatar is simply put your digital character or character snap shot. It is an on-line, perfect reflection of you, who you are, what you like, who you know, and as I often vision them as are little computer generated on-line characters of all of us created from the information and meta-data we leave behind on the net.

However, to start with, we’re going to create our own avatar. That avatar is going to be named whatever you like, and its attributes are those of your key target marketing demographic. In other words, who exactly are you try to pitch an idea to, or in our case motivate or effect some emotional influence on, in order to cause that individual to respond favorably to the call to action which you’re going to embed into your article, blog, or posts. What’s that call to action, “Seek out the e-authors list published by The Independent Authors & Publishers Marketing Group, and purchase at least one offered title.

STIMULATE THEIR EMOTIONS & EVOKE A RESPONSE As Authors We Already do this with our stories. Content Marketing merely adds the goal of motivating your reader to make a purchase or visit a website. As authors we spend most of our time trying to illicit an emotional response with our stories and books, after all that is the actual hallmark of a good story or great book. I’m not saying attempt to anger your audience or attempt to excite them to a murderous rage or an angry mob. However, if you go onto a gaming/gamer website to post about our list, try to in some creative and subtle way relate and link say the top selling game to the list and e-authors. Should you be astute enough at this to recognize the emotions and feelings which a game is already designed and marketed to cause the gamer/game buyer to experience, either by strongly identifying with the games plot or characters or by imagining themselves as the videogame character. You can quickly write a post, article, or blog which would link or affiliate in the heads of gamers, our list and marketing group. If you can do this, then congratulations consider yourself a real time content marketing triple degree black belt. You have done well pad-one. Lol.

• Seek out topics and websites which you believe your primary target marketing demographic feels passionate about, or thoroughly enjoy.

• Subtle is the key! Do not write articles and blogs about our list and group, unless you mean to be directly advertising to an audience. Instead, pick a topic your target marketing demographic enjoys reading, blogging, and spending time and money doing, and write to them (Article, blog, posts.) about their favorite topic. However, while you do, subtly weave in the fact that the list and group is something they like as it is somehow related to their favorite subject/pass-time.

Proprietary Secret Marketing Tool!

-When it comes time to picking your target marketing demographic, and therefore creating your hypothetical avatar in your minds’ eye there are a few questions to ask, but a copyrighted proprietary work tool, which we use for our work at Honest Value has you covered. We’ve shared it with the group, as a perk and benefit of joining the group. Moreover, we are truly dedicated to the notion that the better one of does, the better we all do; and we’re only as strong as the weakest link (Yes, I know it’s played out, but it’s also very true.). For this reason we’re allowing the proprietary information to be shared with group members only, as we want you to be the best content marketers you can be!


This is proprietary work product and industry forms utilized by our team. Please, only use it for selfish reasons, and not being a jerk reason (And be frivolous with who you show it to.)

Avatar One:

1. Name:

2. Age:

3. Occupation:

4. Problem Clients Product Solves For Them/Why should or would they be interested in clients goods or services:

5. Name Five Times and Places We Can Find Avatar/ Through which websites and publications are we to reach Avatar? What does Avatar read, watch, or media does Avatar consume:

6. Personally emotional subject or thought provoking topic that Avatar will be interested in, inside those five places:

7. Interconnected subject matter with client products and services:

8. Articles, Blogs, Content Produced or Written (Title, Location, date first posted, amount of time broadcast to public):


Content Marketing is only the beginning, and not the end-game for successful digital marketing. What else can we as a collective group achieve cheaply, efficiently, and effectively?

If you build it, they will come!

The website!

E-mail marketing campaign. This is an effective an proven method of getting the word out about a product, movement, or event(s). E-mail marketing is the non-spam free offering of an educational or entertaining newsletter, articles, market reports, which the intended viewers will find either useful or entertaining. At the same time it displays to your viewers the fact that they may like your work, builds trust in the brand, positive recognition, and generates organic word of mouth and brand trust. EXAMPLES: “I read an article from Independent Authors and Publishers Marketing Group, which was highly entertaining and informative. You should read it, I’ll forward it to you.” EXAMPLE Two: “Well, it’s from the Independent Authors & Publishers Marketing Group, so it must be good or worth checking out.”

The newsletter should be easy enough to product, for a group of people whom enjoy authorship. We can produce the newsletter, and hear again we get the benefit of a unified group, because instead of having to produce an entire newsletter, we simply can submit an article, collect the articles, put them together, and voila; an eclectic compilation of contemporary authorship from those of the front lines of e-literature.

If we build it they will come

Of course it does us absolutely no good what-so-ever to begin talking about any marketing tactics or techniques, until we’ve covered our bases logically and logistically. That being said, the first rule of website marketing, is as most of you have probably already guessed… To ensure that you actually have a website or landing page to market to people, because otherwise it’s like doing the all the work and not accepting the paycheck.


Of course, this is why I have been pushing the group to meet up ASAP. Ensuring that enough of the group show up to the meeting, who are truly willing, wanting, and open to the idea of learning by doing the very useful and marketable skill of low-cost, grass-roots, marking and/or promotion. As the “guide” of the group, I see it as my duty to make sure we actually get where we’re headed. The stated goal of this group is in the title, and the strategy is on the pages for anyone to add to, improve, and build upon. Being that the primary advantage to working as a group is the effective and targeted collaborative efforts of the group, I personally believe that then both the collaborative and targeted efforts of the strategy should be harnessed asap.

To ensure problems get resolved ASAP or issues or certain soon and asking the group to meet up so soon. Our first meeting is crucial, so as a group we can get done and behind us certain logistic and operational so soon for the group to all m, merely common sense, you don’t get someone all jazzed up and ready to go, without having somewhere to take them or send them. Therefore, we need to set up a website or landing page on Facebook for the group. I like the website I’d as we can do more with an entire web site, than we can per a page. Moreover, if any of you are the analytical type and like reading data that tells you you’re hunches about human nature are all wrong in real time speed.

This means us coming together as a group, creating the unified list (Our thing/idea/message/product we’re marketing), and seeing who is willing to do what in order to get the list out their (The collaboration). Of course we’re going to make mistakes, and realize something’s will work better than others. But that is OK, and kind of the point. After all, a couple other stated goals of the group, are for us to have fun and learn how to be better marketers, which is always a marketable skill in business, non-profit, government, or just life these days.


Google is our friend! Tell yourself that! Learn it, love it, and then follow me as we attempt to learn the language of the search engine. The reason I have SEO or search engine optimization written repeatedly above, is to illustrate blatantly how one trips up or talks to search engines. You got it repetition of commonly searched words. Thing of search engines as the Count from Sesame Street, who just loved counting different things, and in in different ways, and then imagine him on steroids and you begin to get the idea, which is important, because search engines don’t get the idea. All they do at the end of the day is count. They can say algorithm this, and content that. However, no matter whose feelings it may hurt, it isn’t magic, it’s merely math, and finding new things to count, and then trying to squeeze some sort of meaning from that data when you can…. DONE ETHICALLY AND CORRECTLY! Trust and believe that both ethically and correctly (harvested or counted) end up going to the way-side way too often these days. What you get when you do that are some very questionable results, which you weirdly feel dirty for reading. Kind of like the time you drunkenly threw your ex some pity sex, in the back of that dive bar, right before you ended it with them. Oh yeah… It is so the same feeling! Lol.

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