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Southern Poverty Law Center is Dangerous Ignorance Passed Off as Usable Intelligence by Law Enforcem

Recently the "radical group," which has somehow been given the undeserved credit and self-presumed authority to judge so called "radical groups" (a.k.a. The Southern-Poverty-Law-Center) has begun yet another round of its favorite game "Who's a racist now?" Well folks, apparently "Patriots" and "Constitution Believers" are the new "radical extremists" in the country! Again that's only if one chooses to believe the so called "Racist experts," otherwise known as the Southern-Poverty-Law-Center.

Ok... Some of you may have never heard of this joke of a hypocritical non-profit (FOR PROFIT) on steroids. What the Southern-Poverty-Law-Center is, or is supposed to be at least, is a non-profit racist watchdog organization that monitors supposedly "racist and radical" groups across the country, writes reports and studies (Because they supposedly are some sort of experts) radical militia, political, and supposedly anti-government groups and movements. They then give these reports to FBI, Law Enforcement, and other government groups as warnings and professional research papers on the supposed threat levels, levels of racism, or anti-governmentness (I know that's not a word, but at the same time the SPLC are no experts either!).

So, for those of you just now hearing about the SPLC, "Yes, they are real," and "Yes, the government has a semi-secretive civilian group of whack-a-doo so called social psychologists, lawyers, behaviorists, and elitist asshole radical snobs that get paid billions (A lot of time by government grants), whose job it is to go spy on the local militia, "Dooms-day groups," KKK, "Black Hebrew Israelite's Kill Whitey Movement" (Hhhhmmm... They seem to miss that one somehow.), and groups of that nature. They then produce "threat reports," which then even bigger assholes in law enforcement that are too lazy to do real police work or do things like think for themselves use to justify their over-bloated budgets for tanks in suburban America. Many of the mentally lazier of law enforcement also utilize these reports to create "profile models" so that some hypocritical racist intellectual elitist from the SPLC, being located thousands of miles away from where an officer may be on patrol, can tell that patrolman/woman "what to look for" that may be out of the ordinary in their own beat, home town, and patrol routes.

"Yes, it is true!" Some idiot cop located in the Pacific Northwest may read one of these recommended reports on say neo-Nazis written by the SPLC located in the Atlantic Southern States, and if the law enforcement personnel is truly a mental midget could start harassing every white-boy with a shaved head in their local precinct. It matters not that there has been no racial tensions in the patrolman's area, that everyone from all races these days rock shaved heads, or that there are absolutely NO NEO-NAZI gangs with-in 500 miles of the lazy patrolman's beat. If he or she be truly a retard, as unfortunately we're coming to find many are, they use these SPLC's to start seeing "make-believe-criminal-boogeymen" in their area. What happens next is what we all have come to expect from the piss poor levels of unprofessional, overzealous, needlessly over equipped, and always trigger slap-dick policing techniques and civil rights abuses! Long story short little Timmy gets jacked up by Officer Lame-ass, on his way home from basketball practice for being white, having a shaved head, and being out after dark, because Officer Lame-ass thinks he's a possible neo-Nazi. Never mind little Timmy is 1/4 black himself.

However, that's just what these radical racists at the SPLC produce and the way they affect law enforcement and law enforcement budgets nationwide. What's really scary is who the SPLC has now decided to be "threats!" That's right America lovers, patriots, those whom say the Pledge of Allegiance, quote the Constitution, this entire Facebook group most likely, and anyone who ever attempts to invoke their rights in the least. What you are now known as according to the reports of these raving lunatics at the SPLC are "Sovereign Citizens" or "Constitutionals!" What's worse is these jackasses are deeply concerned as people like us are growing at an ever increasing rate!

See, they can't understand why the "rebel" is creeping its way into the heroes light in Hollywood, our video game and comic book characters are at war with the government gone too far in both the Marvel and DC Universes! Why there is a sudden explosion of people bringing up the fact that the founding fathers were once considered outlaws and wanted rebels, or why patriotism is taking on an ever more desperation and combativeness! What those so called geniuses at the SPLC can't do is actually do what the rest of society does, and that is realize that there is something seriously wrong with the direction the country is heading in. Moreover, people are realizing that they are not alone in this feeling, and that most American's believe that the government has started down a slippery slope of grabbing for itself to much authority, intruded far too far into our privacy, and is becoming like the very regimes and dictators we as a country have fought against and to be free from since 1776!

As a bunch of the dumbest smart people every the SPLC has come to believe they are actually worth those billion dollar grants, they should be kicking my way. Lol. See, because the SPLC is actually chalked full of "I hate whitey" angry East Coast intellectual elites who specialize in racism (Supposedly). They are so blind that they have fallen prey to the old saying "If all you have is a hammer, then every problem must look like a nail." What these idiots actually attribute the rise of the "Rebel Patriot American" movement, is some weirdo backlash to Obama being the first black president. That's how moronic these people are, because the sheer numbers of the movement and its diversity of races and religions fly in the face of their reports. That is unless the brothers and sisters are all of a sudden pissed that there is a black president too or something???

No... People are pissed because instead of being the Constitutional warrior that he promised us he would be, as a former professor of Constitutional Law, reversing the course Bush set us on, and ending the Patriot Acts. President Obama Administration has done more damage to the Constitution and the nature of the relationship your average American has with their government, than the last three or four Presidents before him. He has tried to expand the power of the President so far that on this last "Executive Order" he literally announced that he now has "Dictator like" powers, can completely side step the Legislature, and invokes his own nationwide gun laws! This is completely unheard of, and sent a chill down the spine of every American old enough and smart enough to be paying attention to exactly what the hell he has done.

Despite the fact that "NO WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION IS THERE ANY MENTION OF THE USE OF AN EXECUTIVE ORDER," President Obama has issued more of these king like edicts to us the lowly peasantry, than any other President in history! But no SPLC... It's because he's black, and we're all racists! You got it... You guys pegged it! Good thing we got you on the job pumping the dumber and less intelligent members of law enforcement full of your propaganda and poorly reasoned bullshit! Good job... YOU IDIOTS!!!!

So, if any one doubts me or anything I am saying, simply go research this shit yourself. I actually insist on it. Don't believe me, I could be some lunatic like the idiots that work at the SLPC! Do your own research. Make up your own mind, and you will see just how right I am! Moreover, you'll realize just how assign the SPLC-(For racist radicals) truly is! Oh... The "For racist radicals" thing? That's who runs and works at the Southern Poverty Law Center is a bunch of hypocritical racist radicals, who somehow must have amazing press because this group of crazies has convinced law enforcement and the government that they are not crazy, everyone else is crazy, and that they are the best suited to study, define, and judge what crazy is. I guess it takes one group of crazy racist conspiracy theorists to recognize other racist crazy conspiracy theorists. Lol.

In the meantime America... Stop loving this country so damned much, or defending for freedoms!!! Remember that's now considered a threatening act! Word!

By Joel Drotts

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