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Thirteenth Amendment

What is freedom, and to what extent do we as Americans own ourselves outright and free? When I say that I mean it literally, to what extent do we own our own bodies? Some people may find this question to be preposterous, and find my line of questioning to be with-out any merit what-so-ever. After all, Slavery in the United States was the legal institution of owning human chattel or owning another human’s body and all output or labor therefrom has long been outlawed in this country, right? This notion of owning another human beings body that existed in the United States of America in the 18th and 19th centuries supposedly ended after the American Civil War. Am I correct? Can we all agree that this is or would be the generally accepted view on the subject of slavery, which we can all agree is the ownership of another person’s body? While I obviously can’t hear my readers directly. I’ll venture to say that I’d find little to know argument with either of my statements concerning both the nature of what exactly slavery is, or the current state of legality of the institution of slavery in America.

“Yes Joel, that’s all fine and dandy, and thank for tricking me into reading this foray into the realm of the completely obvious.” Hold on; before you click away from this article, and let me ask you one more question. What is ownership? If you own a thing, you may do what you want or please with that object right? Break it, sell it, destroy it, or give it away, it matters not, and no one may say a thing about it because the object is yours, you own it, and you may therefore do whatever the hell it is you please with your owned object, right?

“Of course Joel, and thanks for tricking me into reading yet even more lines into your adventure into obvious land.” To those of you wishing to leave I obviously can’t stop you, after all you are not my slave or anything like that. However, before you go can I ask, have you ever consumed drugs? This is not a ploy to try to go from obvious to racy subjects, in order to trick you into continued reading. It is instead a question in the first of a line of questions, which drives exactly at where I am headed with all of this. So, I’m guessing if this is ever read aloud, then of course any and all people wishing not to be judged by the others in the room (Depending on the company in that room.) will have answered a resounding “No, I have never done drugs.” Whether you have or have not only you know, and it is almost inconsequential to my point. What is of huge significance is the fact that everyone in the room feels the need, at least outwardly to state they never did drugs before. Why is that?

“Well drugs are illegal dummy.” You’re probably saying. However, what I am directly getting to is why? Why are drugs illegal? On what basis or grounds does the government or society get to decide what I put into my body?

“Well drugs are bad for you.” To which I say, you are not answering the question posed, or are at least doing so poorly. See, remember what I originally began to write about and how we got here was a concept of ownership of one’s own body. To that end, I now ask you once again, “Do you own your own body?” It’s not so clear any more, is it? I mean if you owned your own body, you could do as you please with it right? After all, this is what society has determined ownership is, or at least the rights and privileges that accompany the ownership of an object.

However, we as a society allow the government to dictate and regulate our bodies, which are two terms which are completely foreign to the concept of ownership. For example, may the government tell you what color to paint your car? Strangely enough, if a reason could be found that a certain color was needed for its use on public roads the answer could possibly be, only if you wish to drive that car on public roads. However, the human body has no such possible regulations or use needs. The government may not for example say you must wear a blue shirt if you wish to walk down the street. Seems obvious enough, until you ask yourself what’s the difference between wearing a blue shirt and consuming drugs? The blue shirt is arguably the more conspicuous of the two aforementioned hypothetical governmental controls. That is except for the fact that most people in society believe the government has some divine right to dictate to you what substances you decide to put into your own body, which most people believe they own outright, free, and clear.

The Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. However, most Americans have come to believe the government may exert control and dominion over their bodies. Why is that? The same arguments are touted by “Right to die” and/or “Assisted suicide” proponents. It is nothing short or less than the government attempting to exert high levels of ownership over the bodies of American citizens. A notion that the government is actually duty bound to protect and defend against, in the very same articles that do breath and give life into the United States Government. We the people are not the children of the Government, we are its God. For we as the people, as a nation and society, did create that government out of thin air, keep it alive through our allegiance and belief in it, and should we ever believe it to be no longer subservient to our will or the will of the people, we can and most likely will end its existence. Think about that, because it is the true and original form of the relationship we inherited from our forefather’s with our United States Government.

This is not a pro-drug use essay, but a pro-true freedoms article. Nor is this antigovernment rhetoric, but most assuredly the historical, true, and correct rabble rousing that has defended our great republic from the notion that we the people of the United States of America are in some way shape or form the subservient of our chosen government, and not the other way around. We the people, and our beliefs of what and how exactly we want and expect our government to operate, and our will to see to it that our government does perform exactly in the manner that we as a free, unrestrained, and unafraid people decide we want our government to perform is not only what is most important, but it is all that is important. Therefore, I hereby state and declare that all unconstitutional laws should not only no longer be tolerated, allowed to be added to the cannon of those sacred laws that are so clearly bathed in constitutionality, but that we as a people have not only a duty and a right, but a fundamental moral obligation as American Citizens to not only disobey but outright ignore and even protest all those laws reeking of the repugnant stench of unconstitutionality and therefore illegality!

The choice is yours, mine, and every citizen of this country. We all must decide to take a stand, and we all must chose to either once again become the gods of our government or become slaves to it! Shall you be a god by taking an active and informed role, and bending the government to your will through educated voting, participation, lobbying, and the unadulterated or restrained expression of political ideas and ideals that shape the very fabric of the society in which you live, or remain passive, ignorant, and subservient to the actions of your government when taken against you and yours? I know which I chose, and those like me chose. How about you?

1. Who holds power?

Those with the ability to communicate ideas to the largest groups of people, and convince those groups of people of the correctness of the ideas, values, ideals, and systems broadcasted or promoted by the controller of the communication medium!

2. How did they get that power?

Money to influence the masses by purchasing the ability to communicate to the largest population, the loudest, the longest, and with the most repetition and different formats and forms!

3. What are the most profound impacts of their power on your communities and workplaces, in your campaigns and day-to-day work?

Lack of capital to effectually communicate the ideas, theories, advertised goods and services of my choosing!

4. Why are the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, and the middle getting squeezed? Extreme greed, belief in false ideas, ineffective government controls and benefits

5. What role has white supremacy played in reinforcing the power and inequalities seen in our society ?

It is used as a make believe problem or hurtle to be overcome, and used by those seeking to divide this country or any other people along racial orientations. As whites get mad at blacks, and blacks get mad at whites; or American born, judges American immigrants, and We the American People can be splintered and made to think those having most in common with us are our enemies, our truest enemies sit back and get richer (Yet again from our confusion.). I am referring of course to the “Banksters” that got us all as slaves in this country! We’re not slaves you say? Follow this chain we work, from that work we are told we must pay taxes (Even though no wear is it written one owes a duty to pay income taxes, or that you may be punished for not doing so!), those taxes get paid to the IRS or the Government, who then in turn pays those dollars we, you, I earned to the Federal Reserve Corporation (In exchange for what exactly no one seems to know or understand.), who then in turn pays its shareholders (As a private corporation with secret shareholders), who put the dollars earned by your labor and work into their pocket!

Face facts dummy, we are all slaves, the IRS is the slave driver cracking that whip at us (Unlawfully taking and seizing things if you’re not a dutiful paying slave.), and all for some master we neither know, can see, or understand completely, who is getting richer and fatter, in some big house some where all for free! Yeah, that’s slavery dude! The whole of this American Country... Slaves to “Banksters!” It’s all true, just research the shit we don’t get taught in high school economics!

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