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You Can't Protect American Freedoms, By Taking Them Away!

Win the War, but Destroy Who We Are!

Once again, the forces of evil and darkness are slowly but surely reaching forth from out of evils pure darkness with a cold clawed hand, and wrapping its Cerberus like death grip around the throat of our liberties and freedoms in this nation once again. This time the evil incarnate seeking to rot our proud republic from with-in has surfaced in the form Senator of California Dianne Feinstein, in her role as the head of the Senates Committee on Intelligence Services! And had you caught the oligarchical anti-freedoms propaganda speech which Senator Fienstien delivered last night to the Washington press corps, you would had witnessed some of the most unAmerican and near traitorous rhetorical venom come spewing forth from the Senator.

My apologize to those readers thinking to themselves, "Well... Yeah, dummy. Where have you been?" However, I found myself shocked to hear a level of unAmerican rhetoric come from the Senator of my home state, and not as it were an ISIS propaganda agent. Although the Senators notions of freedom and liberty could easily compete with the likes of the head of ISIS propaganda himself! What the Senator was saying in and among the rest of the hyper-reality 24 hour news cycle of stories about ISIS, foreign French attacks, and now even yet a new enemy named Bass, was truly upsetting to my hyper-patriotic ears!

What the Senator was openly stating was that the US government now needs to pass laws making (A) all encryption of any kind unlawful. The reason being is that the government now wishes to ensure that not a single bit of transmitted message, code, sound, or phone call made anywhere in this country, by any one, at any time, can or should ever lay beyond the abilities of our government to over-hear, listen in on, and monitor at will and without warrant! This is being advocated of course in order to help keep our country free from those forces that would seek to stamp out our freedoms (chief among them our right to privacy and seclusion), democracy, and rights!

Secondly, this traitor to our flag holding the Office of Senator, went on to publicly demand and advocate that certain information that can be easily found on the internet be removed and censored by all internet service providers. This should be done, so says the Senator, so that this information does not end up in the hands of our enemies to harm this country. However, as I believe Mrs. Dianna Feinstein does already have access to and possession of this information herself, it is clear that the person who is the biggest threat to this nation (Mrs. Feinstien) already possess this information! I fail to imagine how Senator Dianna Feinstein remains in office, while advocating such traitorous notions like blindly championing the destruction of our First and most basic traditional right!

What people are not aware of, is in this new world where the dominance and mastery of any battlefield on Earth by the armed services of the United States of America is a forgone conclusion, we will be attacked in this country and even eroded from within by those agents of evil like Senator Feinstein whom do wage war on this country for the dominance and control over our belief systems, traditions, and the root fundamental psychological building blocks that make us exactly who we are. How much better is it to convince an enemy to lay down his arms, and lull him into a false notion of choice and free will. So much better to cause your enemy to dance exactly to the tune you play, than to slug it out in open and armed warfare?

The future warfare in this battle and war against the citizens of this country, is one of philosophies, beliefs, mind-sets, and our basic idea of who exactly we are, and what exactly we stand for. For this reason I say, WAKE UP ALL YOU BLUE BLOODED AMERICAN TRUE, FOR WE ARE AT WAR, HAVE BEEN FOR SOME TIME NOW, AND UNFORTUNATELY FOR US, WE ARE CURRENTLY LOSING! So much so, our own so called elected officials and leaders betray us and our principles openly, publicly without fear!

Listen not to the rhetoric of surrendering of any single right or privilege no matter how small or seemingly benign. Remember those principles you were taught as a child, and what it means to be a free people. Uphold and defend this great republic! Listen not to any silver tongued traitor spewing forth the cowards sound. Be brave, be aware, and be vigilant. As it seems as if our truest enemies are not on some distant shore or country, but hold elected office and power over us! Yet, fear not for a traitor cannot serve this great republic, and therefore they have no true and lawful authority over you, according to that single document to which you owe the up-most loyalty to, the United States Constitution! You shall know your enemies well, as they shall ask you to betray those truths that you believe and know full well to be self-evident and sacred.

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