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2016 Smart Presidential Election Issues We at the Association Want to See Begin to Trend!

1. The Feds need to revamp the Courts and mandatory sentencing, whereby drugs are no longer felony charges. There are far to many people in jail, doing to much time, for far to small of crimes. This clogs the courts, diverts police crime fighting energies which could be better spent else where, and has lead to jails being so crowded that the Courts have ruled to incarcerate an individual in the penitentiaries is considered cruel and unusual punishment. They also need to make the changes in mandatory sentencing retroactive, so as to free those in jail for big stretches of time for possessing very little amounts of drugs.

2. The Welfare system must be revamped completely, whereby work is mandatory for healthy adults, and the pay for the hours worked is $15.00 an hour. The government can then interject training, workforce rehabilitation and reprogramming, and on the job training programs as the actual employer of mass amounts of Americans. This program could even ensure quick hiring of those in the new welfare system by placing those receiving "Government Work" in the fields and companies that any individual may have past experience and training in. By having them work along side with or even supporting the industries and companies an individual seeks to get hired back into, what will happen is the natural networking and on the job socialization which the majority of employed and employable adults truly rely on in reality to find employment these days, which is "YOU HAVE TO KNOW SOMEBODY TO GET YOU A JOB!" So what this sort of program does do is give and keep healthy Americans in the healthy habits and life structures that foster employment and healthy adulthood. Moreover, as the pay will only be the $15.00 an hour minimum wage, the Government can be assured that very few Americans will seek to stay on Welfare long term.

In order to ensure bang for buck, the government needs to identify its most expensive outsourced and contracted programs, services to the public, or costly points of operations, and then apply its new massive workforce to take over those programs. This would make the program pay for itself doubly, aside from now receiving incomes taxes and medicare with holdings from paychecks, instead of dolling out money for doing nothing. Costs are also saved in the obvious reductions in crime, homeless programs, and so on. Government giving work, should be the job you can not get fired from. If people refuse to show up to work, they do not get paid. Make the paychecks salary based for two weeks at a time, so if some one decides to not show up or not actually work they get fired and will lose the pay they accumulated for any days they worked in the two week period, and may not go back to work again until the next two week period starts for them again. This would offer enough incentive to ensure people would chose to show up and work. This program would allow many Americans the opportunity to actually support themselves, pay into those government programs through with holdings and income taxes both State and Federal, feel the pride of being employed, and move people through the system faster as every one knows it is always easier to find a job when you have one! Therefore, days off are never punished for proof of medical (with doctors note) or job interview (proof of interview from interviewer). Government can offer incentives to hire from this pool, of employed healthy, able to work adults, who are receiving on the job training for various industries! The slogan should be; "Welfare now here to get you well through fair pay for honest work! We give you work, not cash!"

3. The Government needs to buy into Mint Crypto Coins. That's right Government needs to back and create US Dollar Crytocoins, and order the IRS to accept payment in those crypto-coins. This would give a system that runs along side the current cash system.

4. The Government must make any new buildings MUST have solar panels on the roofs or as the windows, and an electric car port charger installed in their parking lots and garages! Add solar panels to the national building codes! This would create infrastructure and start to get America un-addicted to oil! This program would create millions of jobs as the solar systems were built and installed, along with the electric cars and car chargers. Get the US off oil, and on to the obvious next logical steps.

5. Regulate Wall Street and order the banks to give low cost loans to those companies in the solar energy system.

6. And of course, pay off all debts to the Federal reserve by the government creation 10 1 trillion dollar coins made of platinum. These US legal tender coins shall be paid to the Fed for the T-Notes it holds. Then we take it off line, and no longer barrow into existence that money the Government can print itself for itself and for the people. KILL THE FEDERAL RESERVE, as has nothing in reserve except a dark future for this country should we continue to allow it to be a part of our economic system!

7. Comprehensive Data Privacy reform, whereby our recommendations of the "Permission Contract" must accompany any and all traded, distributed, or sold personally identifiable consumer information, or otherwise be made unlawful to utilize. That all Data Brokers must actively seek out those American individuals whose personally identifiable information (That is any and all information containing their name and or five or more pieces of information in a bundle so as to make it clear they are referring to any particular consumers) they have sold through out the year, and be made to pay royalties and licensing fees to the consumers whose name they utilized in a commercial manner in a information product or Commodity Information Bundle for the profit of the Data Brokers!

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