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Safest Internet Configuration Recommendation of the Association for Consumer Effectiveness: The comp




So, we at the Association for Consumer Effectiveness earn our keep, and bring the general public the results of our best research for free. At the Association we focus a lot of our time and energy on awareness, but simply making sure you know about the problems and issues is only half the battle. Since we at the Association are far from the sort of people to do a half-ass job (Excuse our French… It is so French!!!), we’ve spent a considerable amount of time researching the companies and products out there that are offer consumers the best options as far as privacy. To that end, this article is all about what we’ve found, and the best ways that you the consumer can actually utilize different software, companies, and the tools derived therefrom in order to present a rather effective defense against the Data Brokers and the Data Broker industry.

So, first things first, what was the criteria we at the Association was shooting for when we set out on our research project? What we went looking for, and believe we have found, was the most effective way for the average consumer to configure their computer and web-browser in order to remain as anonymous as possible. The reason why we sought an anonymous on-line experience is that even if your activities do get tracked, monitored, and recorded while you are on-line, if you are anonymous than the information quickly become useless to those on-line corporate stalkers whom just refuse to leave you alone (a.k.a. The Data Brokers). The reason for this is while they may have record of activity, it is impossible to associate or ascribe that activity to anyone in particular.

Secondly, it needs to be said that the system we are about to divulge to you, is just that… A system. What we mean by that is that in order to be truly and totally effective, then all our recommendations need to be implemented together as a whole system. Every instance or protocol that you effectuate will ultimately add to the total over-all level of anonymous internet browsing, and while many of the recommendations can be implemented by themselves it is when the recommended protocols are utilized in conjunction with each other as a whole system that you as the consumer will experience the most effective levels of protection.

Thirdly, we added the caveat that this system can be or should be implemented for free. While we are aware of the fact that you can buy different programs and software of various prices, all of which promise and often did deliver varying degrees of protection to consumers while on line. We felt that for anything system to be truly useful and have a meaningful impact, the system had to be completely free. Therefore, we have painstakingly vetted and decided upon these certain companies, software, tools, and configuration not just because it is the most effective, but because you the consumer may implement this system at a cost of zero dollars and zero cents and experience heightened levels of privacy protection. Therefore, without further introduction, welcome to your newest internet accessible computer configuration America!

Step One: Download Technitium Mac Address Changer at

Step one is for you to get on-line at, and download a program named “Technitium Mac Address Changer.” Technitium Mac Address Changer is exactly what it sounds like, or does exactly what the name would make you think it does. That is the Technitium program changes and masks your Mac Address at will. Once downloaded onto your computer and active, you can change your Mac Address as often as you like. This is particularly important as more and more often these Data Broker companies violate your privacy by identifying your particular computer.

For those of you who don’t know what a “Mac Address” is is it is a serial number or identification number that has been assigned directly to your computer alone. Every computer has a different Mac Address, and is just one of these built in bugs or kinks that the computer and software companies have placed on every ones computers, so they may better violate and take from us without our permission our privacy and anonymity. There is really no reason or purpose for assigning Mac Addresses to computers at all, and so the fact that computers even have Mac Addresses is just another example of how bad the cards are stacked against the modern day computer and internet user whom wishes to remain anonymous while on-line. Which is why the Association for Consumer Effectiveness would like to thank Technitium, and recommends all our readers and members downloads the free software and if possible purchases and downloads the “Pro” version which offers even more protection. However, at the very least step one is to download and utilize at least the free version of Technitium “Mac Address Changer” from

Step Two: Use a free proxy server address and port number

After downloading the aforementioned software, and successfully masking and changing the Mac Address that has been assigned your computer in particular, go ahead and open your Microsoft web browser. For those who don’t know that is the big lower case “e.” Once you have opened the go ahead and search the following exactly “proxy server address and port number for free.” What should or will come up via your search is a bunch of different websites that offer you for free proxy server addresses and port numbers. There are various companies and websites that offer you what you need. Off-hand we recommend, but please use a company and website you are comfortable with.

Now, in choosing your proxy server address, it may be super tempting to choose a server from out of the country. We recommend AGAINST doing so, and here is why: You instantly grant the NSA, FBI, and other snoopy snoop agencies that are currently pissing all over the Constitution a legal right to monitor your traffic and activities. At current, the “Un-patriotic Act” grants the government the power to monitor all communications of Americans trying to communicate with individuals or organizations outside the United States. Therefore, should you think you are being slick and bouncing traffic off a server from outside the United States, you will have inadvertently done just the opposite of winning any privacy. All you do is shake the commercial data brokers, and pick up government snoops instead.

To some, this may not be such a bad idea, as you like me have nothing to hide. HOWEVER, we are interested in privacy because it is our right, and we promised you an effective privacy system! Therefore, we recommend you utilize a server inside the United States, as we see no reason to open yourself up to these so called lawful searches. Especially, when you can use a server inside the United States, still mask your location and IP Address, and not grant the government jurisdiction or any right to monitor your traffic what-so-ever! After all we are seeking privacy, not a Constitutional court case!

OK… Proxy server and port written down, then (still in the “e” web-browser) go ahead and click on the either the little gear looking thing or the three lines up there in the right hand upper corner. If that’s not where it is, what you are looking for is anything or option that says “Internet Options.” Click on the “Internet Options,” and a small box with options on tabs will pop up. Click on “Connections,” and that will take you into a new box. In that box you will see a button that says “LAN Settings.” The “LAN Settings” box will come up, and this is where you want to be. Click on empty box that says “Use proxy server for your LAN.” Click on that box, so there’s a little checkmark filling the box, and when you do the “address box” and “port” light up. Fill in the address number and port number you got from whatever website you chose, then click “OK” and “OK” one more time. And go to step three.

STEP THREE: Download Firefox Web Browser

In the search engine type in “Firefox” by Mozilla web browser. Click on the webpage that comes up showing “Download Firefox.” Once on that page click on the “Download Firefox,” and follow the instructions and options you like.

STEP FOUR: Download Ghostery Web-Tracker Blocker by GOOGLE

Go to, and download the browser extension. I know it makes no sense that Google would create such an awesome tool, as one of the biggest hoarders of consumers’ personal and private information (Second only to Facebook.). None-the-less, Google has created the most effective anti-tracker tool that actually blocks trackers, including tracker bots created and used by Google much to their credit. What Ghostery is is a powerful browser extension that not only shows you exactly who is tracking you and when, but allows you to block those Data Brokers that use you cookies and web-browser as their number one way to act like cyber stalker creeps following you around the internet and watching everything you do. Therefore, download Ghostery, and set up the program. It is important that you click “block all” at every chance or option. Why? Because there is no sense in letting any of these companies follow you around. Also be sure to download the versions for Firefox. Google does all the work actually, and all you have to do is visit the Ghostery website with the browser you seek to have protected, and it will automatically attach to the browser you use to get to the Ghostery website!

STEP FIVE: Use DUCKDUCK-GO as your Web Browser

OK. Now, you should have masked your Mac Address from step one. Masked your IP, in step two. Downloaded the least intrusive web browser “Firefox,” and added the best do anti-tracker browser extension which is Ghostery by Google. After all that, now go ahead and type in “Duckduck-go” in the web search box. Duckduck-go web browser will come up as an option, click on that website. You should at that point be looking at a screen that says Duckduck-go, and its web search box. That is your new web browser or internet search provider, because they keep and monitor nothing. Moreover, their search technology is decent. It’s not as good as Google, and nothing is. However, you’ll be able to find everything and anything you need with Duckduck-go browser, inside of Firefox browser just fine. You have to sacrifice to be left alone, but not greatly.

STEP SIX: Create “MAIL.COM” E-mail account with fake name

In the Duckduck-go web browser, search for, which is located at Go ahead and set up an e-mail account using a fake name, using no verifying e-mail, and no verifying phone number, which allows you to do. That is your new anonymous e-mail account.

STEP SEVEN: Sign out of all cloud accounts

Make sure you are signed out of all cloud storage software, as well as any “user” accounts that may identify you on your computer as well as the final touch. Basically don't be you on your computer. Sign on as a guest, and give yourself guest access only! If you don't it’d be quite a waste to go through all of that, and then allow yourself to be tracked and identified by any cloud storage or identifying accounts you have currently running on your machine. So be sure to sign out as yourself on everything, and you are done.

So, there you have it America. The most effective and free defense against Data Brokers we can put together. Remember this is a system, and if you fail to institute any part of it, then you’ll leave a hole in your security in that area. The entire process will take about 30 minutes, but you only have to do it once. Just remember to use the Firefox application to get to Duckduck-go search engine from then on, and you are as good as you’re going to get. You are welcome America, as this is the official recommendation from the Association that’s watching those companies and individuals hell-bent on watching you… the Data Brokers. Remember to explore the website at, and please donate so we can continue to do what we do for you! Until next time… Take care!

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