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Police Say Burglars Utilized People Locating Background Checking Internet Companies to Locate Their

Police Say Burglars Utilized People Locating Background

Checking Internet Companies to Locate Their Victims!

Detectives in San Francisco today busted a ring of burglars, who had been successfully targeting upscale homes in San Francisco. The ring of five, which included two women aged Sarah Blake 23 and Jennifer Brosonan 26, burglarize over a half dozen homes, taking almost $760,000 in jewelry and other valuable assets, before SFPD finally apprehended the ring of cat-burglars. The ring of thieves were finally foiled, by the quick reaction time of SFPD, and the failure by the would be thieves to either deactivate or discover the armed silent alarm of their final home.

What makes this group different, was the level of sophistication, organization, and their use of internet technologies which aided the ring of five burglars in successfully targeting and burglarizing eight mansions located inside the City limits. Some of the homes hit had home security systems, which the burglars easily disabled. However, what’s interesting about the ring is their exploitation of internet technologies and their use of information that is easily and readily available to anyone, with an internet connection and a credit card with fifty dollars on it. The ring used background checking and people locating companies available on-line to target the homes of their victims, find a window of time they knew no none would be home at their target locations, and even to discover whether or not the property had a security system or not.

Police say that utilizing data-broker websites like,, and other information brokers which collect large amounts of personally identifiable information about all Americans, the band of thieves were able to ascertain individuals having extra-ordinarily high personal wealth and real estate property assets, where those individuals lived, and when those individuals were away from their homes. On some occasions the group of thieves were even able to ascertain whether the targeted families had home security systems ahead of time, allowing them to prepare for those alarms to disable them.

“The information is out there for anyone to use I guess, and can be used by both good and bad people. It all depends on how that information will be utilized, cause every one has access to it all these days.” The police Captain in charge of the case, who asked that his name remain anonymous due to his undercover work. “It’s a sign of the times, and people should know just how much information about them is actually out there, and what that information says and to who.” The police Captain stated in regards to the manner and mood that these cat-burglars easily targeted, located, and timed the locations of their victims. “, was one of their favorite sites, but they relied heavily on social internet sites to locate the timing and whereabouts of their victims. They knew when no one would be home, because the victims in many cases literally told them through social media websites.” Says the police captain. “It’s just a sign of the times, I guess.”

The burglars are all being held without bail at 850 Bryant, until Monday when they go before the Judge and their bails are set. The victims will receive most of their things, as the police under covered the stolen items located in the hotel room the burglars were working out of in the Marina. The police first must catalog those items for evidentiary purposes, the Captain said.

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