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Liberal Pack are Attempting to Encircle and Tear Apart the Presidency They Believe to be Badly Wound

You see it in all the mainstream media, whom are little more than the pre-planned agenda pushers and packaged story peddling sock puppets for the policies and regurgitated story line the Council on Foreign Relations and its corporate overlords want the American public to believe. You can see it at the The New York Times (Story at ) and other news agencies of supposed high esteem, as they once again bash Trumps’ Presidency for little to no reason. However, their hope is that if they can only get these stories in front of enough Americans, enough times, then the American people will be too stupid to ask any critical questions, and just accept the lies they are being told about the President that threatens the status quo and legacy politicians whom unfortunately allowed to govern us for far too long. Everyone is telling us about how scandalous the Comey firing was by Trump, and how this firing “out of nowhere” is anywhere from unlawful to unethical. Moreover, as they repeatedly shout this story line at the top of their lungs, they fail to state the most basic of facts to support these claims.

Let’s start with Comey’s firing. Here, we have the head of the FBI whom is utilizing the FBI as a tool and weapon to influence political elections and outcomes. Whether it was the timing of the Clinton e-mails, or the repeated accusations that Trump is somehow in bed with the Russians, this guy Comey had lost his way and forgot his place. The job of FBI Director is to be a cop, and nothing more! Yet, here this man is playing politics. You say I’m wrong? I was hoping you’d be that dumb, then riddle me this genius: Why is the FBI announcing they have people under investigation to the public? This can have no positive effects on any investigation as it tips off any guilty parties, to start to hide any evidences or witnesses. Moreover, it is standard protocol, when real investigations happen, to keep those investigations secret to the last minute, and then the Feds show up and arrest the targets of those investigations. Do you think the FBI holds press conferences and tells the press, “Yes, we are investigating mafioso Don Jopeto Colionionionio?” Absolutely not, but the Hillary e-mails, the Russian thing, this gets blasted all over the news. Moreover, Comey has stated he was not investigating a Trump-Russian connection, so how is his being fired scandalous. Is it because Trump fired the puppet of the Washington Power Brokers, who planned to pressure the FBI Director into investigating a Trump Russian connection? Must be, because Comey had not opened an investigation into the matter.

Trump was right to fire Comey as he had been getting too big for his britches, and had forgot what it is his job is. At nowhere else in this Country may one say derogatory things about ones’ boss publicly and expect to keep ones’ job. Don’t believe me, tell a local paper you think your boss is weak or incompetent, and get that quoted even on social media, let alone a national newspaper, and see just how long you remain employed. Yet, the liberal authors trying to tear Trump down over the firing, seem to leave out all the smack Comey had been publicly talking about his boss the President of the United States of America. However, despite these facts, we are told we are supposed to find this firing shocking in some manner.

Then they go on about this Russian influencing of elections, but they never say just how this was done. Just a blanket claim at something that is not unlawful. Here is the thing, if Russians want to talk junk about a political candidate and put that on-line for Americans to read, it is called the Freedom of Speech. If Russians wanted to purchase advertising in favor of Trump, this would not be unlawful or even meddling. It may look bad for the candidate, but unlawful behavior it is not. Frankly, I’m surprised this is the first-time Russians or any other country has tried to influence who gets elected President by “influencing” people on line or buying a favored candidate political advertisements. Our system is so corrupt at current, this would be perfectly legal, and in all honesty not any different than when special interests do so in our country. Are those in power simple mad that they alone want to be able to purchase candidates, and don’t like the competition a foreign bank account could bring into the game? I’m just saying, is all I’m saying.

And now they want to tell us Trump leaked top secret information to the Russians, I’m sorry but as Commander and Chief the President alone may decide if any bit of information needs to be top secret for the defense of this nation. That is literally the Presidents job, and therefore if the President did let something get out or said something he alone may say it is top secret or not. You don’t know his strategy for defending the country. This would be akin to blaming Truman of “leaking top secret information,” when he with purpose told Stalin about the existence of the atom bomb and the Manhattan project (Which at the time was highly secret.). My point is being it is the prerogative alone of the President to decide what may or may not be top secret or vital, and he may utilize that information as he sees best fit in the defense and protection of this country. Maybe throwing the Russians a bone on Syria, was a part of Trumps over-all strategy of how to best deal with, befriend, or out maneuver the Russians. The point I am making is it is the Presidents prerogative alone. Therefore, these stories about Trump leaking top secret information are a legal and factual impossibility, based on the job and powers of the President.

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