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KKK Grand Wizard Calls Data-mining and Brokering the Greatest Gift to His Cause This Century.

KKK Grand Wizard Calls Data-mining and

Brokering the Greatest Gift to His Cause This Century.

At a Klan rally in Mobile Alabama this week, the Grand Wizard of the Mobile Alabama chapter of the KKK gave modern day data-brokers a ringing endorsement. The Klan leader is quoted as saying: “For years those damned civil rights hippies had successfully thwarted our efforts to discriminate based on race and ethnicity in hiring, residential renting, and of course large dollar purchases. They really had our number! We could no longer practice OUR best practices regarding things like employment or renting, because the lawsuits were far too costly in discrimination cases. However, thanks to data-brokers, and the invention of Commodity Information Bundles we are once again able to discriminate and carry out our plans to hire only whites, rent to only whites, and to give the best prices to only whites once again!“

He went on to say, “We owe a great deal of thanks to those companies that have long been meticulously collecting, storing, and aggregating the private information and digital data of American citizens. We could had never achieved this level of accuracy in targeting individuals of color, without the help of your modern-day data-brokers of course. Because Commodity Information Bundles (Dossiers of personally identifiable information of individuals created and sold for profit) present us with such a treasure trove full of peoples unique identifying information, unbeknownst to the individuals, we are now able to assemble a master list of names of individuals not to not hire or rent property to.

We have assembled the master list of the names of hundreds of thousands of less than desirable individuals, and done so completely undetected and without the knowledge of our victims… I mean targeted marketing individuals of color. Lucky for us, the American people have come to care very little about their personal privacy in the past decade, and take it for granted so easily as to simply give it away so they can be shown more crap to buy on line more efficiently. I used to find it hard to believe myself, but it’s true! At any rate, thanks to this lack of action and ignorance by American Consumers about just how naked their personally identifiable information truly is, coupled with the overwhelming greed and willingness to sell out their countrymen by the technology companies who promote “The Data Economy” or “Internet of All Things,” there are simply no laws that may force us to tell anyone what so ever about exactly whose private data we possess, collect, or distribute.

Moreover, we don’t need to tell anyone (Not even the government.), how we obtained that data or what that data says, because we claim our methods are proprietary! The idiots! Yes, boys. We must give it to those data-brokers, and the all the politicians the big-data lobbying money of those billion-dollar technology companies bought off to do absolutely nothing in the way of protecting the privacy of Americans whom use computers, smart-phones, and other data harvesting technologies. Thanks to their willingness to exploit the personal data of their fellow citizens for cash, and their megalithic egocentric pursuit of creating programs and software that harvest such rich levels of personal information, without even a second thought about whether creating such technology capable of these levels of data harvesting should be done, we are now entering a golden age of racism.

We now can target individuals we decide are undesirable, and deny them entry into communities, schools, or deny them business opportunities. We can do whatever we please with the information, and do this all while remaining completely invisible, undetected, and free from having to be held accountable in any way, shape, or form, to anyone ever! Yes, sir…the credit reporting companies and those liberal know-it-alls over there in Silicon Valley finally got one right, and came up with the perfect invention to aid us weed out those whom we deem unworthy. What is even better is the fact these same companies have warped the laws and Constitution of this country to such a degree, they have successfully pushed aside the government in toto, regarding any agencies possessing data usage oversite or policing powers. Hell, these companies need not even be licensed to handle information capable of ruining people’s lives for good. Not a single law exists, and not a single government agency that comes even close to what other industries capable of such fantastic harms on the public usually find themselves restrained by. It looks like the data-broker industry, its greed, and the outstanding levels of ineptitude and self-indulging corruption of the politicians whom should had done more than encourage the continued ‘give them all they want, and never question what they do’ treatment of those companies collecting and peddling the personal information of Americans, we can finally re-institutionalize our racist agenda on a size and scale not seen since the 1800’s! God bless data-brokers, and long live the supremacy of the white race!”

Naturally, several companies mentioned as being a favorite of the KKK like, have issued statements claiming that they never meant for their sophisticated technologies to be used in such a diabolical manner. However, unfortunately, because these companies have made such rapid progress, and pushed the legislatures of this country so hard for a complete lack of any real legal tools to prevent the use of the technologies or the personally identifiable information of individuals by companies or the government itself, there is very little that can be legally done to prevent the KKK from now taking advantage of the same data collection and aggregation tools made commercially available to so many corporations in this country!

Cries of “It’s not our fault” by the data-broker industry bring little in the way of condolence to those whom will become a victim to the Klan’s new data-racism plan. Especially since there is no way to prove the fact this is taking place by those who will be denied opportunities. Most of them will not or are not even aware of the reasons they’ll be denied. Many more will never even be made aware of such preferred openings in employment or housing opportunities in the first place, thanks to the well-tested ability of the algorithms now commonly used to prescreen and analyze large portions of the population with such laser sharp levels of scrutiny and details of individuals private, personal, and identifiable information. Much the way almost all HCM software now purposely rejects the resumes and job applications of individuals based on their zip code, should that zip code be considered high crime, drug saturated, or low income. It’s too bad that the data-broker industry or maybe the American voting public didn’t push for more protections from their legislatures, in curbing the use of the private personally identifiable information of private citizens. It would had been helpful had the victims been given a legal right to know and control the information being collected and disseminated about themselves. I suppose it was all well worth it in the end, to ensure the most relevant advertising would always be displayed on our screens while surfing the internet, right? Huh?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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