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Southern Poverty Law Center Screws the Pooch Again, Causing San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to Appear to

Southern Poverty Law Center Screws the Pooch Again, Causing San Francisco

Mayor Ed Lee to Appear to be an Embarrassing Bully!

Well, once again the unwarranted and undeserved trust and belief in the research abilities of the Southern Poverty Law Center by a local politician, has proven to be unfounded, and thusly causing that local politician to appear to be an embarrassing bully whom is over quick to utilize the power of his office to incorrectly tarnish the name and reputation of a political group with unfounded insults. This time the politician who has decided it is somehow OK to embarrassingly utilize the power of his office as a bully pulpit, is our own Edward Lee. That is according to the front page of the San Francisco Examiner, whereby Ed Lee is quoted as saying “Not on our watch.” The statement being a reference to the supposed need of Edward Lee, to remain vigilant in combatting white supremacist groups, as if there was somehow a problem with active and known white supremacist groups in San Francisco or the Bay Area for that matter, as opposed to purposeful fear mongering about nonexistent boogey-men that the SPLC claims to have knowledge of or actionable intelligence about.

This, as real research being done into the history and publicly stated views of the group called Patriot Prayer is coming to light, and is proving to be a hard pill to swallow for those politicians who have proven over quick to utilize notions of race as a political tool, by stoking public paranoia with unfounded fears of active and operating white supremacist groups in San Francisco or the Bay Area. The reasons the seemingly worthwhile and righteous cause to combat white supremacist groups is proving to be such an embarrassment to politicians like Edward Lee, is not just the little problem of an absolute lack of the existence of any known active white supremacist groups actually existing in San Francisco, but the fact that based on little more than the say so of the SPLC politicians like Edward Lee have wrongfully been willing to target and label non-racist organizations like the Patriot Prayer as racist or skinheads in the media, as well as sought to infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of the group.

Who wouldn’t support or vote for the politician that sought to disarm militant white supremacist groups, right? And politicians like Edward Lee have recently proven that they are so ready to combat armed white supremacist groups, they cannot be bothered with little details like the fact that there are not any armed white supremacist groups being active or existing get in his way of his campaign to protect us all by ridding us of these groups. As it turns out, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the self-proclaimed authority on all that is supposedly racist and offensive to minorities nation-wide, has once again wrongly targeted a particular political group, decided on a mere whim that the group they seek to unjustifiably villainize with the label of being white supremacists or racists, made those unfounded accusations based on little to no actual research into the group or the groups stated beliefs, and thusly providing Edward Lee with his much needed and sought after boogey-man to victimize with the power of his office.

While the notion of there being a single all-knowing authority or group, who is the self-anointed intellectual sovereign possessing the sole authority to judge exactly what and who is or is not in deed racist in America, seems utterly ridiculous to your average sane individual. However, there is in fact such a group or institution, which unfortunately politicians and law enforcement alike have unintelligently agreed to bend their intellectual knees to, by regularly accepting the unverified, unsubstantiated, and often wildly inaccurate claims made by that certain think tank called the Southern Poverty Law Center. What’s even worse about this “think-tank,” is that all too often it releases harmful statements and views on certain groups and/or social justice without ever doing any thinking or research. This is a troubling fact, especially as this bloated and useless group of collective idiocy and paranoia is extremely well funded, and funded through regular grants made to it by the Federal government consisting of our tax dollars.

Utilizing research methods that must entail little more than throwing the names of all registered political action groups in a hat, at random pull names from that hat, and then deciding to label the unfortunate group whose name is pulled from this mythological hat as racists or white supremacists; the SPLC has also done more than any other group in this country to attempt to craft and frame the term “Alternative Right” to mean a group containing racist individuals or touting racial ideals. However, what is so interesting about this multimillion dollar hypocritical “unthank-tank” group, is the fact that it has done more to stoke the underlying causes of racism like paranioa and fear through-out the country, than all the unfortunate non-racist groups the SPLC regularly mistakenly accuses of having racist beliefs combined.

Moreover, the fact that the SPLC regularly promotes the racist idea that certain races should be treated differently, and/or that certain races should be given advantages over other races in the crucial areas of things like employment, education, and housing, is an idea and notion which is sure to keep the fires of race based hate stoked for decades to come. This is because no matter how you cut it, when you tell one race that another race is to be given advantage over the other, you are sowing seeds of jealousy, unfairness, and therefore racism every time. Moreover, the notion that it is proper for certain races to have set asides or privileges that other races are not entitled to is a racist notion in of itself, and the promotion of that idea will never sit well with the race not receiving the privilege. Therefore, causing disunity through the promotion of different treatment for different races. However, with the millions in tax dollars waisted on those idiots working at the SPLC, apparently the one thing they cannot afford to buy are any mirrors. As if they could, then maybe they’d be able to take a good hard look at the messages and rhetoric they decide to spew forth across this not so divided nation, and come to realize that they more than most are perpetuating ideas of dividends.

The latest such example of how the SPLC goes about creating conflicts, where there need be none, is in the SPLC attack on the group Patriot Prayer as being a white supremacist group, and the Mayor of San Francisco’s’ apparent and unfortunate blind faith in the inept research conducted by the SPLC. First, the Latino leader and spokesperson of Patriot Prayer, may take certain offense to find out the fact that he is called being labeled as a white supremacist, especially as he is technically not white. However, if that little detail wasn’t enough to prevent the SPLC from shooting its mouth off Donald Trump style, and trying to make unchecked and unverified statements off the cuff appear to be of some credibility. The group the Patriot Prayer regularly promotes a unified America, free from racial labels, sexuality labels, or sex based labels, preferring that all merely take up the label of “American” proudly. I myself researched the group Patriot Prayer, to see if the SPLC was still as ignorant of the ideals of the groups it regularly labels, as it was when I was in law school, and low and behold the SPLC does not disappoint, as in fact as ignorant as ever.

However, for some reason this group of 50 to 60-year-old lawyers, in the deep south, passing judgement on groups located in the North West without any investigation or research into those groups, is afforded all the academic and intellectual street-cred from everyone from law enforcement to politicians. Therefore, what happens is mayors like Ed Lee, take the SPLC at their word, and actively screw with and publicly denigrate groups like Patriot Prayer on the front page of the San Francisco Examiner, when the group is not a racist group at all. Now our beloved mayor, looks like a real asshole and a serious bully for picking on this group of people, whom holds the same beliefs that he most likely does. Why? Because the morons at the Southern Poverty Law Center apparently caught wind of some incorrect intelligence, if they even bother to use intelligence over there, and have once again decided to smear the reputation of a group for no reason, unless the reason is something sinister like Patriot Prayer beating the SPLC out for some Federal grant money.

This may very well be the SPLC actual objective. Think about it, the Feds are never going to give money to racist nonprofits, right. So, all the SPLC must do is call everyone else racist, and apparently have little to no evidence of that fact to be believed, and suddenly the competition for grant dollars just got a little bit smaller. Sounds like one hell of a plan to me, and while it is most likely in no way true, one does wonder how the SPLC is so often, so wildly incorrect in its assertions about other groups, and is still able to maintain this level of street cred, whereby the Mayor of San Francisco is willing to make himself look like a complete asshole, based on little more than the say so of this organization that is routinely just wrong?

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