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Government Hangs Poor Out to Drive Once Again so, Corporations Can Get Rich!

Government Hangs Poor Out to Drive Once Again,

so, Corporations Can Get Rich!

In a move which this country has become all to familiar with, the United States Government and the State of California have once again decided that corporate profits are much more important than the needs of the people. This time the government has unfortunately taken aim at the poorest and least able to defend themselves and done so by granting a multi-million-dollar contract to the internet company ID.Me to validate the identifications of unemployment recipients. “Well, that doesn’t sound so bad,” some readers not familiar with ID.Me track record. However, for those aware of the track record of ID.Me and as tens of thousands of unemployed Californians are finding out the hard way, the ID.Me system and website suffers from extreme issues with functionality. This in turn has blocked tens of thousands of unemployed Californians from receiving and filing their legitimate unemployment claims with the state and Federal EDD offices.

“I can’t feed my children.” Sarah says a forty-five-year-old mother of two. Sarah used to work as a waitress, but due to Covid-19 the restaurant she worked at closed its doors permanently after it could no longer shouldering the burden of paying rent on a location which the government would not allow to open its doors to do the business it usually did at that location.

“It’s already been so hard. Why does the government want to make things even harder now?” Sarah asked our interviewer. Well Sarah, as it turns out many companies have found a great many ways to profit from the Covid-19 pandemic, by offering un-needed and unrequired services to the government, or worse actually received contracts to perform needed services but then perform under those contracts in very substandard ways. This often can have unforeseen consequences like in the case of ID.Me which has block tens of thousands of unemployed Californians from filing and receiving legitimate unemployment claims.

In the case of ID.Me the company claims to offer “video identification” experts who can help customers verify their identification, after the automatic identification system based on faulty software fails as it so often does. This sounds great on paper, as who can fool actual human auditors. However, the problem is that in an effort to gain ever greater profits the company has failed to hire any where near the required number of human auditors. This in turn has required hold waits as long as four to five hours long before an ID.Me “Identification Auditor” can actually help any customers. What’s worse is the system has no call back feature requiring those who want to file their legitimate unemployment claims to literally stay on hold for any where from three to five hours, or they may go hungry.

“I tried to wait, but with two kids home from school due to Covid-19…. Who has five hours to wait on hold?” Sarah said, feeling guilty as if she has somehow let her children down due to her inability to wait on hold for five hours or even the three hours wait given her the next time she tried to work her way through the incredibly ineffective system. A system which the Haliburton Affiliate ID.Me has decided to keep slow and ineffective by not hiring more auditors or updating their ridiculous software, all in the name of gaining ever greater amounts of profits from the government granted contract to verify people are who they say they are when signing up for unemployment pandemic assistance. However, what’s truly sickening is this could had been avoided and could or should had been anticipated by a company far more concerned with its bottom line than ensuring that those Californians most in need can actually receive the aid promised them by the government. Instead, tens of thousand ds of Californians are discovering there now stands a private third-party corporation primarily interested in acting as a broker of retail deals to the millions of Americans now forced to utilize the system, which can and is keeping them from the government aid so desperately needed, and all for little more reasons than to ensure the CEO owner and his investors in ID.Me can experience unprecedented profits!

What is most disturbing is the fact that the government has even awarded ID.Me the contract and authority to deny so many Americans their legitimate unemployment claims. By all accounts there has not been an extraordinarily high number of fraudulent claims made or discovered by the government, which could or would warrant the utilization of such draconiansecurity measures. Even if there had been some reports of fraud, this is still no excuse to wholesale deny the legitimate claims of tens of thousands of Americans. The whole thing would seemingly make little to no sense, until one realizes that the owners of ID.Me are Washington insiders with connections to Halliburton. Haliburton being a company whose substandard services and subpar performance in the tasks it has been contracted by the government to undertake to aid Americans, has long been known to be the standard operations playbook when astronomical profits can be made by delivering substandard goods and services. All of which leads one to the conclusion that the involvement of ID.Me in verifying peoples identities in order to receive their unemployment is simply more backroom, Washington insider, wheeling and dealing designed to make very few, very rich, at the expense and harm of a great very many. In other words, the Government Hangs the Poor Out to Drive Once Again, so a Corporation Can Get Rich!


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