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The Future of Policing is Patrolless Police Departments

There once was a dream in this country that all men and women were free, that our governments worked for the people, and that those governments must operate strictly in accordance with the Constitution. In fact, so crucial was this belief that no government could break laws or seek to subvert any laws no matter how “minor” those laws seemed to be to the government in order to investigate or prosecute any citizen in this country that any and all evidence gathered through illegality or born in secrecy could not be utilized to prosecute an individual in a court of law, and that law enforcement could not operate in any manner which violated any laws in the name of so called law enforcement. A time when the view of civil rights was in reality an unbreakable set of laws which no government was allowed to break, upon pain of any evidence collected in violation of those laws was literally deemed to be no evidence at all and treated as if it simply did not exist by Courts, Judges, and legal professionals whose professional careers and in fact lives were dedicated to defending and practicing that ideal and idea.

There was once a notion that no conviction was better than an unfair conviction, whereby the awesome power and resources of the government was deemed all the handicap and imbalance a criminal defendant need to be made to face in a criminal trial, and not be made to contend with governments that lie, hide relevant evidence, collect evidence in illegal or secretive manner as a lone defendant already had to contend with the full weight of the machinery of government baring down upon himself or herself as a criminal defendant. The notion that law enforcement officers would seek to utilize technologies to gain ever increasing surveillance abilities was an idea completely repugnant to not only the citizenry at large but the fundamental principles upon which this country was founded.

At this same time law enforcement was viewed as being helpful and useful. Law enforcement professionals were viewed as being a part of the communities they served as opposed to the militaristic occupying force that now patrols our streets. There was once such a time in America when every citizen seemed to instinctually know for a fact that there is absolutely no difference between a government that deploys “Secret Police,” and a government that employs police with secrets! In fact, the very notion of police utilizing secret tactics and surveillance technologies runs counter to and cannot operate congruently with the notion of a civilian police force, which is held accountable to the citizens and communities they once claimed to serve and protect. In that same vein then a police force that keeps secrets is not in line with the founding principles of democracy upon which this country began.

How can a free and democratic citizenry know if the police department they pay to protect and serve them is utilizing objectionable tactics and technologies, when those same departments now claim the need and right not to divulge to the general public the full extent of all the technologies and tactics they utilize? The answer is they cannot, and if the citizens do not or can not know what technologies or tactics police utilize, they cannot hold those agencies they pay to protect them and their property accountable. This notion runs counter to the very idea of democracy as if police agencies are allowed to keep such secrets from those that employ them, then those police agencies have directly and purposefully supplanted and replaced the beliefs and ideas about how much privacy and freedom from government surveillance the general public should enjoy, with their own beliefs and ideas. In effect, when police departments act in a secretive manner, they literally supplant the will of the people by taking from the people the ability to protest and in fact end the use of any objectionable technologies and tactics utilized by the police. Of course, this is not how a democracy works and is exactly how a dictatorship or oligarchy functions, as the will of the general public has been replaced by the policies set by a single person or group of persons regarding what is an acceptable manner that the local or even federal government treats the privacy and civil rights of the general public. Which is why there is absolutely no difference between a government that utilizes secret police, and a government that allows its police to keep secrets.

However, this is exactly where we find ourselves as a nation. At the Federal, State, and even Local level police departments have been developing and utilizing secret lists of targeted citizen individuals, deploying covert and secretive surveillance technologies they refuse to tell the general public about, and the extreme proliferation and utilization of military grade intelligence gathering, and surveillance technologies and tactics being utilized by our allegedly civilian police forces on the American citizenry. These same tactics and technologies now utilized by civil police forces to monitor and investigate American citizens for petty or even so-called serious crimes like drug dealing, are the same tactics and technologies that were developed and utilized by our military and intelligence services to spy on foreign national enemy combatants to gather intelligence that is supposed to be for the very security and continued existence of our nation and government. The reason this is problematic is that these tactics and technologies were and are developed without any notion or attempt to protect the privacies or civil rights of the intended targets. Why would or should such technologies or tactics be taken into consideration the privacies or civil rights of foreign enemy combatants? They should not and would not take the privacies or civil rights of foreign enemy combatants which pose a threat to our country into consideration when developing or deploying such surveillance tactics or technologies, which is exactly why the use of those same surveillance tactics or technologies are completely inappropriate to be deployed or otherwise utilized by our civilian law enforcement agencies on American citizens. That reason being those civil law enforcement agencies have an absolute duty to observe and in fact protect those same privacies and civil rights such surveillance technologies and tactics were developed without any thought nor effort to respect or protect.

I won’t go into how we got here as a nation. We all have our own theories. Some of those theories are better than others. However, most of these popular theories all have at least some truth and merit to those theories. Whether it is the 9/11 attacks, terrorist threats, the subsequent Patriot Acts, an asleep judiciary who began to believe it was their job to aid law enforcement gain convictions rather then hold them accountable for illegal evidence gathering and investigation tactics and techniques, or even the extreme proliferation and availability of highly effective and low-cost surveillance technologies. It is the proliferation of such surveillance technologies and tactics which have allowed police departments to devolve from intelligent detectives into little more than the patrolling armed bullies and thugs we see today. It is also such surveillance tactics or technologies that grant that same occupying force in blue uniforms and black and white vehicles to gain and seem to possess such superhuman abilities to know exactly when, where, and who to accurately “predict” the alleged perpetration of crime due to their usage of those highly secretive and technologically advanced surveillance equipment. Surveillance tactics or technologies which police departments now deploy with little to no regard nor respect for the privacies or civil right to be free from unwarranted and unreasonable searches by way of on mass secret digital or electronic surveillance of the general public.

Yet, somehow there has been a cultural change of mind in the general public that has allowed for the replacement of intelligent detectives that utilize fair and honest police work, with-in the confines of constitutionality, for the wholesale lies we have all bought into that police somehow have a hard time catching evil doers if we don’t agree to surrender so many of our once sacred civil rights and privacies. These theories and notion that police somehow had a difficult job or that the civil rights of the citizens some howe allowed the guilty to go free, the evil doers to go undetected, and that in order to remain a free society that we as a society must surrender those privacies and civil rights in order to better protect our freedoms which the terrorists allegedly hate us for, is a relatively new concept.

In fact, it’s only been in this generation that we have witnessed this great erosion of the one-time nationwide cultural norm held by our society that our civil rights must not be eroded or attacked. You can even see it in the movies we watch, look at Dirty Hairy in the 1970’s, he could not be seen to “go rogue and kill the bad guy” until the criminal had been arrested and was somehow allowed to go free on some unstated legal technicality. What is truly ironic is the fact that Hollywood felt the need to include that part of the plot before Dirty Hairy could “get dirty” and still remain sympathetic to audiences at the time. Fast forward to any cop movie these days, and audiences are encouraged to root for the main character cops as they are seen blowing away whatever stereotypical “bad-guy” drug dealer, gangbanger, bad-guy, and always with little to no attempt or thought of any actual legal arrest. If there is ever such a mention of an arrest, it will be utilized as a punchline in comedic relief whereby the cop jokingly writes the dead bad-guy a speeding ticket, or some other form of flipped lip-service towards the actual legalities involved with police work. Of course, only after the so-called hero cop has gunned down all the so-called bad guys. Modern audiences are invited to accept and in fact come to view as preferable these simplified notions of law enforcement, which usually casts drug dealers and other low-level criminals as psychopaths or monsters which must be eradicated by hero cops on par with the manner that your favorite vampire slayers dispatches blood sucking undead vampires from Hell.

All theories as to how we have gotten here as a society have their merits and truth to them. Moreover, it’s not my intent to beat a dead horse which are the facts I just went over. You know this to be true, I know it to be true, we all know it, feel it, see it in our lives, on the news, political and social scientist authors write about it, hell even the cops know it to be true (As they slap each other high-five saying “Remember when we had to do detective work to catch people? Man, life is good for us now!”). The point I am trying to hit home is just how truly radical and extreme the shift and change truly has been in just our lifetimes, if not since of course 9/11. The shift is so truly radical that anyone who reads this will know exactly what I’m talking about almost instantly. However, that is really no good thing! I mean, other than to know my views are not that radical, and that I truly am merely pointing out the blatantly obvious to almost all who may read this.

“So, great Joel. We all know shit has gotten way out of hand, and you’re 110% correct shit was never like this back in the day. But so what? It’s not like we can change anything.” To which I say, “Oh… but what if we could?” See, being that shit has gone so amazingly far off the rails in this country, only an equally as radical but Earth shakingly simple plan can or could EVER put this country back on its former constitutional track and put the police back in the box as it were.

“Oh… And you came up with such a plan have you, Joel?”

Well, I wouldn’t be droning on trying to set up just how needed such a plan is if I didn’t have one would I? I’m sure… “Thanks for reading about how cops are assholes, I have no suggested solutions, and and goodnight.” I’d never be an intellectual cock tease like that. Therefore, what is my plan that could and would actually work? The idea that can save this democracy from secretive police departments who commit civil rights abuses, who at this point are quite literally nothing more than armed militarized thugs on the payroll of every city and county, who do what they want, to who ever they want to, without any fear of retaliation let alone punishment, and who have the nerve to constantly break the rules or laws allegedly in the name of enforcing the law? That idea is Patrolless Policing! The idea surprisingly makes way more sense than you think it does.

First of all, what do I mean by Patrolless Policing? Well, just what I said, and literally. We need to revamp the way in which police services get delivered to the public and remember at the end of the day a government service is what allegedly policing is. Unless we’ve truly gone too far, and police really are little more than population control for the elites of society to keep the common people afraid and subjugated at this point. Trust me, we may be closer to that reality than any of us dares to think, which is exactly why a fundamental and drastic approach to how that service is delivered to the general public at large is so appropriate and drastically needed.

Patrolless Police Departments actually solves instantly nearly all the issues or bad things usually associated with cops, while preserving, and in fact improving upon the “good parts” of policing (If there is any left at all in modern police forces these days at all.). So, what I am proposing is exactly what it sounds like, Policing based upon the Firefighter model. In the new paradigm on duty police would be required to stay in or at the station or station houses and could only leave when called for assistance. What’s so awesome about this idea, is it doesn’t require any change of the laws already on the books. All that needs to be changed is the manner in which police are deployed. It makes way more sense than some people want to admit, and in fact is so simple but effective that anyone who reads this could and should start petitioning their town councils and mayors to enact such policies. Sure, the Chief of police and maybe some cops may bitch about the idea, which is solved really easy by simply firing all those officers who have a problem working in a city that has decided that Patrolless Policing is exactly what they want done in their municipality or city.

What Patrolless Policing does is make it so cops only come when they are wanted or needed. In this way, you are preserving and in fact improving the service that people actually expect and want from a government police force. When some one is trying to hurt you or your property you want to be able to dial 911 and have a professionally trained group of men and women with the authority and ability to make the bad guys stop hurting you or your property. In all reality, that’s pretty much all citizens want from their police departments, the rest of the crap they do (Which by the way is where they continuously fuck up and begin to hurt the population rather than help.) it is the police themselves who keep telling us we need them to do. But the fact of the matter is we really do not, patrolling is really little to no deterrence to crime, and quite frankly the police have shown us all that quite literally we can’t trust them to simply go out on patrol and allegedly uncover crimes. They’re bad at it, and so bad at it in fact now civilians are getting shot regularly, and when they’re not shooting people for running from them, cops literally spend the rest of their time busting people for petty ass crimes that no one really gives two shits about. Well, Patrolless Policing solves all of that mess in one foul swoop!

What’s more is cops would experience a higher level of cooperation with the communities they police. Say some one is tired of the drug dealers standing on the corner, well then, that person can call the cops. This would foster a higher level of quality tips from the public, and cops being called could be assured that they were actually busting drug dealers instead of targeting innocent people and violating their civil rights. By eliminating patrols police would no longer have the opportunity to randomly stop people based upon faulty notions of unproven suspicion. Moreover, when people actually called the police for assistance, they could be assured of faster response times, as officers would no longer be scattered across the jurisdiction. What’s more is municipalities would save millions of dollars in fuel, gas, and auto maintained by not having their fleets of cruisers out randomly patrolling for no reason.

“The bad guys would get emboldened without patrols, Joel.” Not true at all, and there is no realistic statistics done by non-police forces that prove patrols deter any crimes whatsoever. In fact, patrolling is only with us as a remanent of a time before cops had cars or modern communications. The entire idea of patrols came about in the early 1900’s when the only way to raise the police or get police assistance was by yelling and hoping a cop was in ear-shot, because neither cops nor citizens had phones. Therefore, having cops out on Patrol was the only way the government could ensure people could get a hold of a cop if they needed. However, this is obviously not the case anymore, and having cops go out into the general public to “uncover crimes” is as bad as a policy as can be imagined.

Think about it. We as a society basically tell cops to go forth into the community at large and drum up as much business as they possibly can for themselves. The only problem is is that that business is the business of taking away the freedom of citizens, fining citizens, and/or otherwise utilize the authority we grant them to investigate crime(s). We put no limit on what sorts of crimes they are to investigate, and increasingly police departments are becoming extremely secretive in the manner, tactics, and technologies they utilize to allegedly investigate crimes.

Just look at the use of “Stingrays” for instance. Most Police Departments utilize this technology in varying levels, and all departments that do utilize such technologies keep that use secret from the general public. Why? It’s not to honor their alleged contractual do not disclose agreements with the creators of stingray technologies. Contract law 101 states clearly that any contract for illegal purposes is void. Therefore, the “Do not disclose” contracts which disallow departments to talk about their usage of a technology that acts as a “man in the middle” by pretending to be a cell-phone tower in order to soak up and listen in on all texts and e-mails with-in a radius of a classified distance without a warrant, is a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment and therefore illegal for governments or their employees to do. Therefore, the contracts not to tell the public they are doing this are void on their face.

For those of you who this may be the first time hearing about the existence and use of “Stingrays,” yes, it’s true, and yes, they utilize these things. The cops think because they then don’t use the evidence they gather as a part of their official prosecution or investigation does not make the use of the devices legal. In fact, the fact that the cops take the information gathered from a stingray device just as an example let’s say from that wholesale sucking up of all cellular traffic in an area, they discover that “Joe Blow may be selling small amounts of narcotics.” The cops then begin investigating and harassing Joe Blow. They pull him over, based on some other trumped-up bullshit in order to search him, and then they discover drugs on him. The problem with this is that had they never used the device which illegally listens in on peoples texts and e-mails they would never have known about Joes’ activities. In fact, he would never even have come to their attention.

However, now Joe is getting pulled over, stopped and frisked all the time, and he just can’t figure out what the hell is going on. This exact sort of tactics is literally the norm at present. You’ve just never heard about it, because the cops literally try to keep this highly unconstitutional practice from being know by the general public. Why? Because the general public is exactly whose texts and e-mails are randomly and indiscriminately sucked up, and then analyzed for possible illegal activity. That’s just how the devices work. They suck up all cellular activity in an area. All of this is done without a warrant, and the police generally believe that they should be allowed to do these things. WHY? Because they can, and no other reason. Back in the day they’d have to discover Joe by a complaint of a citizen, or by him acting in a shady manner that catches cops’ attention. However, now, the hardest part of police work is how to construct their parallel narrative about how they were just somehow super lucky or way more adept at their jobs than humanly possible, and therefore were able to discover Joe’s activities through legal evidence gathering methods. Utter bullshit!

However, of course we were bound to see the sorts of abuses of power, over-crowded jails with those arrested for the pettiest of crimes, and a criminal justice system which now believes the only way to improve itself is through the loss of more rights and privacies of the people, as the entire system has begun to buckle under the financial and social cost of the ineffectiveness and wasted money and lives which the system has produced. We’ve tried it the way it is for over one hundred years, and by and large the system is seen as both a failure and a huge waste. Therefore, it is time to seriously consider a new and better model of policing, which will be cheaper financially and less harmful to the general public as a whole. What’s more is by ending patrolling, departments would focus more on what the public truly wants from them which is to solve crimes that do occur.

I mean in all reality when was the last time a cop actually helped you out. Even when you’re a victim of a crime you can almost guarantee that if the perpetrator is not right on hand, then they will get away with it. Why? Because cops and departments prioritize patrolling above almost everything else and do so based on some alleged level of crime deterrence created by cops randomly driving around the municipalities that employ them looking to bust people for crimes that more often than not simply are not there. It is much better to have a police force that focused on solving crimes that have occurred and bringing wrong doers to justice. By removing patrolling cops would have to focus more on solving crimes that have occurred and stop wasting money and resources on technologies and tactics which departments know the general public would find objectionable due to the fact those secret technologies and tactics violate the privacies and civil rights of those they are allegedly protecting.

From 1977 to 2019, in 2019 inflation-adjusted dollars, state and local government spending on police increased from $44 billion to $123 billion, an increase of 179 percent. Among major programs, the spending growth on police trailed both public welfare and health and hospitals and was roughly equal with higher education. However, much of the increase in public welfare spending, which saw the largest growth, was driven by federal spending increases on Medicaid.

Over the same period, real corrections expenditures increased from $18 billion to $82 billion, an increase of 347 percent. Spending growth on corrections over this period was higher than all other major programs except for public welfare. However, this in part reflects the relatively low spending on this program. In real dollars, corrections spending increased $64 billion from 1977 to 2019 while public welfare increased nearly $600 billion. (For more information on spending growth see our state and local expenditures page.).


As recently as 2016 the Supreme Court of California had ruled that jail over population is so bad that doing time in California had become cruel and unusual punishment. Patrolless Police Departments will do away with this problem by ensuring those who commit victimless and petty crimes are no longer arrested. Due to the new reality that Patrolless Policing creates it will ensure a future in which only the truly dangerous and harmful criminals are arrested. How? Not by making petty and victimless crimes legal, but by ensuring police are only capable of arresting those peoples whose activities rise to a level of warranting a call to a police department are arrested. This doesn’t make petty crime lawful, but because police will no longer be sent out into the community to try to uncover petty crimes which in all reality are both victimless and go unnoticed by the general public can and will no longer be subjected to random stops or arrest by officers who but for the police determining that an individual appears suspicious, usually under questionable constitutional grounds, will simply be ignored by police departments unless their activities warrant some one calling the police about those activities.

This notion is not only the truly fair treatment of such individuals but is the only way a society may truly claim itself to be free. By removing from the police, the ability to randomly investigate whomever they please or pull people over based upon “suspicion,” only citizens whose activities come to bother or endanger their fellow citizens will experience police contact. This in reality is all a police force should be doing any way. However, as it stands now our jails are full of so called criminals who were not bothering g any one nor harming any one, but do to the fact that police are allowed and even encouraged to go forth into our communities and seek out those they believe to be committing crimes, police have developed a huge array of questionable and highly intrusive investigatory tactics and technologies designed to pry into the lives of citizens who but for this questionable and unneeded police activities would suffer no arrests. This is actually how we as a society want our police forces to enforce the laws any way.

Wait, Joel… This could almost reward criminals who keep their activities well hidden and appear to be normal members of society with little to no police contact!” Yes, it can, but that is actually a good thing. Let me ask you why do I care if my neighbor is breaking the law if I am never made aware of it? The answer is I absolutely do not! Why would I? Moreover, this is how most sane American’s view the laws of society. Very few people beyond crazy cops view the law as a thing unto itself, and care very little if petty so-called crimes occur especially when those crimes have no effect upon them. Only cops think that laws must always be obeyed, merely for the sake of not offending the law itself. Most people merely shrug off the petty crimes of others or themselves, especially when they view those laws as over-burdensome and came into existence for reasons people neither understand nor agree with. Only the insane believe all laws must be obeyed because they are the laws. Such a rigid view of life, laws, and our society makes people judgmental weirdos with anti-social tendencies (Like cops, at least the ones who truly subscribe to such world views). However, what you find is the reason crazy cops who do view the world in such ways, generally have “small-man complex” or other ego and self-esteem issues. They come to view themselves as the law and take even minor violations of the law as affronts to their hypersensitive sense of who they think they are. The rest are just sadistic and actually enjoy busting people and ruining their lives for petty offenses, in other words they’re just assholes.

For these reasons the fact that petty criminals who manage to keep things quiet and normal in societies view will be rewarded by little to no police contact, which will in turn encourage other criminals to adopt such mannerism. In so doing we will see a reduction in violent and high-profile crimes, as criminals will know they may be lefty alone if they don’t bother anyone. This ultimately is what people want from those that do break laws, to simply keep it away from them or hidden. This new system puts a huge emphasis on victims’ rights and victimhood, by allowing victimless crimes to go virtually unpoliced as long as they remain unnoticed by the general public. Who could possibly argue that such a system and outcome is not preferable to the violence we and riots we have seen of late which are the norm now, which has been caused by the current policing model?

“No… We prefer violence and property destruction Joel. Just so long as everyone respects the authority of the police, and those police get to do as they please without punishment!” What? However, such are the only possible counter arguments to not adopting Patrolless Police Departments. It’s literally almost nonsensical. As such, this new policing model has the ability to actually transform the Modis operandi of criminals by making sure they try their hardest to keep their activities hidden, victimless, and quiet. This would actually be the first change in criminal behavior in centuries, and in a very positive way. What’s more is this system will nearly abolish regulatory crimes. I mean who wants to get pulled over just because your registration is a little late, or you were unaware your blinker isn’t working at the moment. Traffic crimes will still be enforced as they are now, by camera. So, there truly is absolutely no need for police to go patrolling. It’s an outdated model, which has brought suffering, failure, and high costs in lives and money to this country. As such, the fact that police departments are now attempting to double down on the old failed system, by invading even more privacies and acting even more secretively is simply an unacceptable proposition for the future of this country!

Patrolless Policing seeks to deal with the world as it actually is, as opposed to how one believes the government can bully, cajole, and punish the citizenry into creating a world that simply will never be. Patrolless Policing accepts the fact that there simply will never be a time when all members of society are going to agree to obey all laws. Why? It’s just human nature, and different people choose to live different lifestyles. In a truly free and just society we as a people would recognize that fact and designate certain area or ways for all people to live the lifestyles, they believe best for themselves. Instead, for far too long this country has sought to wrongfully criminalize certain life choices like drug use, when all the evidence has proven and shown this is simply neither smart nor effective.

Therefore, starting from the realistic point of humanity that not all people will obey all laws all the time, then what sort of laws do we as a society actually want enforced? The answer is simple, we want to be protected and safe. Patrolless Policing does this because police will no longer be free to investigate and bust the people they want to bust and investigate and will only be able to arrest and investigate those individuals who have actually acted in such a manner which caused another citizen to call the police and summon them to the unlawful situation that those citizens have created. In switching to this model, we can better ensure only those who truly deserve to be arrested or have police contact are the ones who are made to suffer police contact and arrests by engaging in behaviors that required police to be summoned. This somewhat radical idea then also ensures police no longer violate the civil rights of citizens as probable cause will almost always exist for police to stop and investigate any citizen who has acted in a manner which caused the police to be summoned. Due to the fact that police will no longer be on the streets trying to drum-up and more often than not falsely create what they believe will pass for probable cause to investigate any given citizen, the police will simply no longer be in such a situation where they have an opportunity to engage in such practices. The reason being police simply will not be there, and instead be dutifully in the station house ready and waiting to respond to only those crime scenes in which they have been summoned to by a member of the general public.

That’s not to say that criminals will get a free ride. Say there is a drug dealer selling drugs on the corner near or in front of your house, well then, you’d simply call the police on him or her as you’d assume most citizens would do any way. At which point police can and will come and investigate and most likely bust that individual. What’s more is the cops will no longer have to create and falsify evidence in order to investigate said drug dealer, as due to the complaining citizen probable cause has already been created. Therefore, this system will also have the effect of better focusing police resources where they truly should be in order to best serve the public, as opposed to now whereby the police decide who to investigate and usually based upon little or unlawfully obtained evidence.

So, let’s re-cap and break down the many ways a Patrolless Police Department is preferrable to the current outdated model of law enforcement:

A. Which has gotten us over-crowded jails full of people who have committed petty and victimless crimes such as drug possession or use, and crimes people generally care very little about the existence of.

B. Created police forces that have been dumbed-down, armed, roving thugs, whom are often times much worse than those they claim to keep the rest of us safe from. Which have absolutely appalling civil rights violations record and produced a group of individuals who believe themselves to be above and beyond the very laws they are paid to enforce.

C. Police forces that focus almost 90% of their resources on “patrolling,” which is of such questionable deterrence effect on crime that the general public must constantly be fed propaganda informing us just how important and useful patrolling is, and which distracts police departments from that which the general public actually is desirous of police departments accomplishing which is to solve those crimes such as burglary, rape, and theft when those crimes do occur.

D. Save money by reducing the amount of fuel spent by not having police officer’s out patrolling the Cities which employ them.

E. By creating a situation whereby police bust or investigate only the crimes they want to investigate, in favor of a system that forces police to investigate and solve only the crimes the general public wants to see solved.

F. Completely truly removing the possibility for 95% of civil rights violations, by actually changing the circumstances or manner in which an individual may come to experience police contact.

G. Completely improve the general view of police departments held by the general public, as the police will only interact with the general public when they have been summoned by members of the general public when a party is in need of assistance.

H. By eliminating nearly completely the environment whereby the encroachment upon and violations of our privacies would be beneficial to officer’s, whose attentions and resources could only be directed towards those crimes which get reported to them by the general public.

I. Do away with the situation that has created overcrowded jails and unburden the entire overburdened justice system.

J. Creates a situation whereby the very nature of crime itself could possibly change for the first time in over two hundred years and do so in a manner that sees a reduction in violent crimes or other crimes that create victims.

K. Improve response times for situations in which police are called for emergency reasons.

L. Reduce incidents of violence on citizenry by police departments.

M. Increase the number of solved property crimes which is an area of crime in which all police departments have an absolutely horrific record, but which is in fact the one area of crime solving the general public is most interested in having improve as a whole.

N. Almost force police departments to refocus their crime fighting resources to on-line, where the majority of crimes actually now take place. As being forced to stay in the station house until they are summoned, police will either begin focusing on catching on-line criminals or experience reduced staff levels as certain departments begin to realize the true needed staffing levels to cover the amount of summons to crime scenes each department experiences.

When one tries to then compare these reasons with the reasons not to change to such a model which are:

A. Police will not like the new model due to possible boredom associated with sitting on call at station houses.

And that’s literally the only possible counter argument here, the situation becomes a no brainer. The only question then truly becomes, why are cities and police forces not adopting this model immediately? In fact, it is time they begin. Therefore, look for the next essay by Joel Drotts, in which he discusses not only the merits of such a program, but how to go about ensuring your local police department begins to deploy the new normal Patrolless Police Departments.


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