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Given the current and national outcry about police and their constant abuses, now might be a time to inform cops of some very real aspects of their jobs. You see all too often police make arrests in the belief they are in some way helping people. At least that is what they claim. You know they say things like, “ Now they can get the help they need,” and shit like that. I do not know if cops actually believe that bullshit, but I have news for cops. An arrest has never, and I mean NEVER in the history of arresting people has EVER once “helped” the arrestee. The fact of the matter is that given today’s modern “data-economy” an arrest is now 20 times more destructive to an individual’s life and livelihood than at any point in history before.

In today’s modern world an arrested individual never stops doing time. The old saying, “Do the crime, do the time” simply no longer applies. The reason being is that an arrest on one’s record now follow arrestees long after they have exited the criminal justice system, and thereby severely limiting opportunity, eligibility for government programs, employment, as well as creating social prejudice. This social prejudice greatly diminishes the possibility of an arrestees living situation and employment. The reason being that the government passes these ridiculous laws whereby the government makes it perfectly legal for a would-be employer or landlord to obtain information about some one’s background, including their arrest record. However, the legislature then stupidly passes a law that says that employers nor landlords may not act in a prejudicial manner towards an individual due to the obtained information. It is like come-on…. How fucking stupid do you think people are? The whole notion that would-be employers and landlords may obtain the negative information, but then make it illegal to act upon that information must be the most retarded idea ever imagined. For the simple reason that a bell cannot ever be unrung.

You cannot unknow information once obtained, and furthermore it is impossible to quantify the reasons or thought process of any employer or landlord. So, therefore even if the would-be employer does decide not to hire an individual due to the discovery of that person’s arrest record, there is absolutely no way to prove the prejudice caused by the discovery of an arrest. Cops stupidly believe that an arrest is no big deal or is not personal. However, what the cops don’t realize is that an arrest in modern times, is almost an instant sentence to welfare! Furthermore, it is always a big deal, and always highly personal!!! WHY? Because an arrest almost instantly causes job loss, and then an invisible barrier to re-hiring elsewhere. So, at in a good scenario, an arrested individual suffers job demotion due to an arrest. This is due to the fact that an arrest is almost instantly followed by dismissal from employment, and if the arrestee is lucky enough to get rehired at another company the individual is never hired at the same level. Therefore, an arrest is always never simply an arrest and the many levels and ways an arrest destroys an individual’s life is devastating.

So, aside from the obvious loss of income associated with the instant job loss which almost always accompanies an arrest, the arrest victim is also instantly strapped with the costs associated with an arrest. Loss of work hours, and of course attorney’s fees due to the fact in almost every County, except that of San Francisco, the Public Defender Program is a complete joke. Usually full of those lawyers that are near retirement, possessing no will to fight for their clients. Most the lawyers of the public defender programs instantly advise the taking of a “deal,” no matter how poor the prosecutions case may be. Even in public defenders’ programs where the best and brightest are in fact hired like San Francisco, the lawyers of that program are constantly over-worked and have over-burdened client rosters. Therefore, if anyone expects a halfway decent defense, the arrestee must now shell out thousands of dollars to defend their freedom at the very same time the same arrest has caused loss of employment or employment demotion in the best of cases.

These huge financial harms are inflicted merely from an arrest and are not even inflicted from being sentenced. The job loss and financial harms are suffered well before one ever makes it to trial. What is even more is a great deal of social harm and embarrassment are suffered as local papers usually report upon local arrests. Of course, papers use sentences like “Allegedly arrested for whatever the charge is.” However, this is akin to telling your buddy, “Go ahead and don’t use a condom, I heard she only maybe have an std.” How, willing are you going to be to jump on in there without a condom after that? Well, that’s just how non-incriminating it is when people read in the local papers about alleged arrests. In the mind of most readers, they do not even care about the trial, and arrest is akin to being guilty. No matter how corrupt most police and the arrests they effectuate are these days.

This is nothing to say about how all this effects the psychology of an arrest victim. Depression, shame, guilt (Even by the innocent), as well as worry and stress all piling on top of the job loss and social stigma associated with an arrest. And why? Because an individual possessed drugs for personal use, which harms absolutely no one except the law. Drug possession and use laws are in of itself is a form of slavery and ownership over the persons of all citizens whereby the government tells people what they may or may not put in their own bodies. To tell someone what they may do to their own body, is a form of ownership over that body. In other words, a form of slavery!

All of this is what you do to an individual every time you make an arrest. Every time you so casually slap on the cuffs, because you had a bad day, or you’re trying to up your quota for your sergeant. Every time you arrest some one for those crimes that you so easily could simply had let go or decided to simply issue a warning. However, it may be that police are aware of all of this and is exactly why they make arrests so frivolously. That reason being that one arrest is almost certain to cause yet another arrest later in that individuals future. Thereby, ensuring that cops have more people to arrest, and thereby allegedly proving they serve a purpose or add value to a community by showing how many arrests they make. At the very least an arrest greatly increases an individual’s odds of being rearrested in the future due to the job loss, financial difficulties, depression, and downgrade of social standing.

You know as I write this, it only now dawned on me that cops may actually know exactly how destructive an arrest is, and bank on the fact that an arrest almost always sets an individual up for at least one more arrest some time in their near future. They literally make their arrests to ensure they have business later down the road. We talk about the harms that CEO’s inflict upon the public to grow their businesses, but the fact cops literally use the destructive nature of arrests in order to make sure they have future business is simply disgusting. Not to mention literally pure fucking evil! We need major police reform immediately, and drastically to end this destructive force in our society which is the police.

So harmful and destructive to the lives of individuals for even low-level misdemeanors that arrests no longer can be justified unless it is in the most extreme of situations. Moreover, punishments must either be adjusted to protect arrestees after their incarceration or change and effect jail sentences to reflect the permanence of punishment society continues to inflict upon the victims of officer arrest accordingly. Furthermore, the arrest of individuals for victimless crimes needs to stop. Law enforcement as a whole needs now to step back from the overaggressive model we have seen in this country for the past couple of decades, which has led to the constant and intentional violations of civil rights in order to effectuate questionable arrests. Instead a new model of policing must be created that strikes the proper balance of societies want for a protective government ran agency, and the public long held belief that they really do not need or want police in their communities anymore. That balance cannot be achieved by a wholesale defunding of the police. However, by placing an end to Police Patrolling, what you do is strike the near perfect balance of what all members of society expect and want from their law enforcement agencies. No body wants to deal with or see cops, unless they have called the cops to their aid.

So, what is meant by no patrol policing? Well, imagine a community that was not under siege by an occupying force. A community whereby all members of the community no matter race, wealth, or affiliations are free to live their lives free of the fear of being stopped for something as petty as a out tail lamp, only to have the original pull over utilized as the pretenses to investigate crimes which there is no basis to investigate other than the cops gut feeling. A community which still could rely on a professional government agency to come to their immediate aid simply by dialing 911. How do you achieve this? By reorganizing and mandating that on duty officers are to remain in the station houses or substation strictly until such time as they are called for. In other words, policing based upon a Fire Department model.

What most people do not realize is just how plausible and fair this solution truly is. For starters response times will be greatly increased. The reason being is that officer’s on patrol can be anywhere and already involved in anything. These “patrolling duties” distract officers from that which society expect from them most, which is to come and come quick when called for emergencies. By refocusing police budgets and attentions strictly to responding to 911 calls alone, improved performance and response times will be the obvious results. At the same time, police budgets and expenses will be greatly reduced in the form of the amount of gas officers use daily by officers doing little more than simply driving around the cities that employ them endlessly and without any stated goal or end. Furthermore, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that patrolling aids in any way in combating crime. What patrolling does however do is create the environment and situations in which police regularly violate the civil rights of individuals in the pursuit of “detecting or deterring crime.”

No patrol policing literally eliminates the possibility by removing the environment and situation in which all but 98% of bad, disrespectful, and unconstitutional police activity takes place. At the same time, no patrol policing greatly increases the effectiveness of response times and therefore creating a much safer community. Not to mention a community well more appreciative of the aid of offers, as well as a much better protected community. By eliminating the scenarios and situations all together whereby police may spot an induvial and stop that party based upon nothing more than that which the officers believe they may have stumbled upon, the civil rights of the public will become much safer. Why? Because there would no longer be this random roving predatory force in the community whose sole job is to try to catch people doing crimes. More often that not police either invent or violate the civil rights of the parties they do stop to investigate while on patrol. In other words, they create busy work, 99.9% of which is neither urgent, preventative, nor needed.

If one looks at the history of policing in America, then patrolling used to make sense. It was the only way to ensure that officers could quickly be deployed where and when they were needed. However, it has been through patrolling where officers have greatly over exerted both their original mandates to protect and serve and is 99.9% of the occasions where the gross and even minor violations of the civil rights of communities has taken place. How could it not, when today's modern officers are told to simply go rove about the communities they police looking for criminals to arrest. It’s rather a preposterous notion if one actually stops to think about it, and no other private or public service provided by an agency or company has ever been more lackadaisical in the operations envelope or defined mission describing exactly what it is a community believes they are paying said agencies or companies to preform or undertake.

At the same time “patrolling officers” fosters a very anti-respectful and anti-civil rights culture in officers and agencies. It is after all the progressive and increasingly misbelief of patrolling officers in their need and right to be nosey assholes poking their unwanted noses into the private lives of the citizenry, which has also fostered the mental laziness now routinely displayed by increasingly whinny police agencies about the level of technical and digital forensic tools officers may be given and allowed to utilize in order to create ever greater violations of the rights of Americans, as cops increasingly conduct “exploratory investigations” of the digital communications, transactions, and files of Americans while simultaneously patting themselves on the back for being “super-detectives.” When the truth of the matter is there is nothing “super” nor is there any amount of detective work actually being utilized as cops are increasingly given free range to read and peruse at leisure the digital diaries constantly being created and updated by the growing number of “smart devises” Americans stupidly insist we need. However, it is the culture of patrolling and randomly seeking out crimes, instead of waiting for crimes to be reported which are at the unconstitutional route and culture of today’s modern American police force agencies.

So of course, we were eventually going to reach the current point of inflection brought about by the crisis of over aggressive police departments in this country. Just imagine how many innocent lives would have and can be saved if officers are made to remain in station houses only until called out. The monetary and human suffering cost savings are immense. Therefore, a change in the tactics and practices of policing needs to be instituted. This more than anything else strikes the proper balance and mood of the people. Who want the police there if called, but otherwise prefer to be left the hell alone? The no patrols model is the future of policing whether the cops like it or not, whether they know it or not. Cause people are tired of their shit, and abuses of power! The other change needs to be elected Chiefs of Police.

What do I mean? Well, for starters the Chief of police must become an elected position for a number of 3 to four years, and any member of the community may run for the position. In so doing the operations of the police forces would have a direct civilian and civil leadership. Furthermore, if a chief of police wants to be re-elected they will see to it that the abuses regularly complained of come to an end. Make the paid position of chief of police an elected position as opposed to by Mayoral or City Council appointment, and you take away the shield and buffer of the politician and get a greater and more direct accountability system. The position of Sheriff is already done in this matter, so I fail to see any valid arguments as to how making the Chief of Police an elected official is unreasonable or impossible.

Either way you slice it, change is going to come, come soon, and will be drastic. These last protests and civil unrest, it was only the beginning. It only scratched the surface of the underlying and seething discontentment and anger at civil rights abuses by increasingly overbearing and over intrusive government. Just because the rioters have all gone home, does not mean that they are now appeased. It certainly does not mean shit is all good now.Nope…. I predict a radical rise in the Libertarian Party, as short of a few fanatical ideas, it is the party most in line with how and what most American’s believe these days. However, people have just gotten to used to thinking they must vote either Republican or Democrat, when neither party is getting the job done, and nobody is happy really with either party. Yet, their perceived hegemony over the political system continues to allow the propping up of what essentially is the political version of a Weekend at Burnies whereby both parties try to convince all America they or their political are not dead and routing. But we shall see!


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